22 Things to Bring in Your Travel Changing Bag

  • by James Robinson

Once you’ve completed step one and found the best baby travel bag, move onto step two – packing! But don’t worry. We’ve looked at the top baby holiday essentials to bring in your travel changing bag, so you can spend more time thinking about your week of fun in the sun!

What You Can Take on Board

Almost all airlines give you a free cabin bag to take on board. With around a 10kg allowance, your cabin bag (or hang luggage) is great for carrying the baby holiday essentials.

Some carriers have no weight restriction for cabin bags and some only offer a 5kg allowance. Make sure to check the size and weight limits with each individual airline before you fly! But that’s not all. Lots of airlines will give your infant their own cabin bag allowance if you’ve booked them a seat.

So if mum, dad and baby have their own travel changing bag, you’ll have plenty of room to bring everything you need for the journey.

22 Things to Bring in Your Travel Changing Bag

Packing Your Cabin Bag

1) Food and Drink

You normally can’t bring liquids onto a plane, but it’s different if you’re flying with a baby. Current UK guidelines say you can bring up to 2,000ml contained breast milk, formula milk, sterilised water and baby food, providing your little one’s present.

2) Baby Bottle

A good travel changing bag will have its own pocket to carry a baby bottle. Look for a baby bag with an insulated pocket, so you don’t need to worry about storing your bottle on a long day of travel.

3) Travel Steriliser

While you should have some formula or breast milk prepared, you might not be ready for a long airport delay. Pack a travel steriliser in your travel changing bag, just in case your ready-made bottle isn’t enough.

4) Comforter

Bring a small soft toy or dummy to keep your little one happy during the flight!

5) Blanket

Planes can get very cold for a tiny newborn. Pack a small blanket in your travel changing bag to keep your baby warm during take off.

6) Nursing Cover

Breastfeeding is legally allowed in public places and airlines should support you if you choose to do so.

If you want to be discrete, bring a nursing cover in your travel changing bag. You could just wear an oversized scarf to save on baby costs. Or your baby blanket can double as a breastfeeding cover if you’re running out of room!

7) Nappy Supplies

Nappy wipes, cream and of course, nappies! You’ll need them all when travelling with your baby.

Nappy cream falls under the regular restrictions of liquids in cabin bags. You can bring 100ml of contained nappy cream in a clear, plastic resealable bag, as per current UK guidelines.

8) Changing Mat

Avoid the struggle of trying to find the airport toilets! Rushing to the gate after desperately searching for the right facilities is a stress parents can do without.

Make sure to find a travel changing bag with its own removeable changing mat. Then you can change your little one whenever it’s required.

9) Change of Clothes for Baby and Mum

Bring a spare t-shirt for mum and an extra outfit for baby. Accidents happen, and no one wants to sit in a stained top for a three-hour flight!

10) Passports, EHIC and Travel Documents

That’s right – even your baby needs their own passport. Every member of the family should have an EHIC too.

Always check which documents you need before you fly and keep them safe in your travel changing bag. Pop them in a zip compartment for extra security. Remember the boarding passes!

11) Car Seat

OK, so a car seat won’t exactly fit inside your travel changing bag. But if you’ve reserved a seat on the plane for your baby, they’ll need a booster or car seat to fly.

Children up to two years old can usually sit on your lap instead of their own seat. If they stay with you, your car seat will go in the hold.

What You Can Bring in the Hold

Your checked baggage goes in the hold. Everything you won’t need for travel can go in your hold luggage.

Airlines set their own restrictions, but you’re usually given a 20kg hold allowance. Each carrier is different, so make sure to check the weight and size limitations.

Most airlines also allow you to bring 1-2 larger baby items like your car seat, free of charge. If you’re not using them on board, they’ll go in the hold.

If you’ve booked a seat for your baby, they normally would be allowed the same hold luggage allowance as an adult. You’ll probably need the extra baggage – there are a lot of baby holiday essentials needed for your trip away!

Packing Your Hold Luggage

12) Pram

Like your car seat, a pram won’t fit in your travel changing bag. But make sure to bring a lightweight, collapsible pram so you can get around easily on holiday with your little one.

Most of the time, you’ll be allowed to take your pram all the way to the gate. Airline staff will then take it from you and pop it in the hold.

13) Travel Cot

You don’t want to arrive at your hotel and find baby has nowhere to sleep! Bring a travel cot along with you. Or ask your hotel before you go to see if they’ll provide one.

14) Baby Sun Cream

Babies should be kept of direct sunlight, but you should still carry a supply of sun cream in your travel changing bag to keep them fully protected. There are lots of creams and sprays specially formulated for tiny tots.

15) Baby Medicine

A small first aid kid, teething gel or any other baby medicine your little one needs should be brought on holidays.

16) Toiletries

Pack your travel changing bag with any baby toiletries you use, like a toothbrush, hairbrush or baby shampoo.

17) Extra Food

Although you’re allowed to carry some breast milk, formula, baby food and sterilised water in your cabin bag, you won’t be able to bring enough for the full trip. Pack enough food, formula and extra bottles for however many days you'll be away.

18) Travel High Chair

Make feeding time easier and bring a portable high chair in your travel changing bag. Most hotels should provide their own chair, but if you’re self-catering there might be restaurants which don’t.

19) Clothes

Bring two outfits per day for your baby, just in case of any accidents! Remember sleepsuits and extras depending on where you’re going. In colder temperatures, baby needs layers, mittens and a wooly hat. If you’re off to the beach, remember a sun hat and a sun-safe swimsuit.

20) Swim Nappies

Swim nappies are perfect for water-babies who like to paddle in the pool!

21) Muslins

Muslins are a lifesaver no matter where you are in the world. Whether you’re sunning it up in Greece or exploring the South of France, your baby will still dribble, burp and spit up! Muslin squares are very handy, wherever you are.

22) Toys

With new surroundings (and possibly a pool to play in!), your baby will have lots to entertain them. Avoid excess baggage by only bringing a few favourite toys. You could always buy a bucket and spade when you arrive.

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