8 Tips to Help Baby Sleep

  • by James Robinson

there are ways to get your baby to sleep through the night, so you don’t need to keep battling through those newborn wake ups. We’ve put together our eight top tips to help baby sleep, giving both parents and their little one a happier morning!

8 Baby Sleep Solutions

1) Build a day and night routine

Babies will gradually learn the difference between day and night if you help them build a routine. You can introduce a newborn sleep schedule right from the start.

Show your baby it’s daytime by opening the curtains and turning on the lights. Play with your little one, make noise and keep them active and alert (unless they need a nap).

Then when it’s night-time, turn the lights off or down, keep noise to a minimum and avoid distracting your little one. This will help baby sleep by teaching them when it’s the right time to rest or wake up.

2) Take a bath

Try giving your infant a warm bath to help get your baby to sleep through the night. A relaxing bath makes them feel calm, warm and cosy. It’ll also benefit their sleep routine if a bath comes right before bedtime.

Check the water temperature by dipping your elbows and wrists in the tub, making sure to mix the water thoroughly so there are no hot areas.

3) Use a baby rocker

A baby rocker is the perfect piece of gear that every new parent should have. Baby rockers gently swing back and forth, mimicking the feeling of swaying in mummy’s arms. They’re a great baby sleep solution because they help soothe newborns.

Don’t let your infant sleep in a baby rocker all night – they’re designed for short naps.

New parents often misunderstand baby naps, believing they’ll stop their newborn sleeping through the night. But an overtired baby is an irritable, fussy baby who won’t relax! A rocker baby sleeper can be very helpful for nap times to aid a full night’s sleep.

4) Don’t get up straight away

It’s natural for new parents to jump at every sound coming from their baby monitor, but you shouldn’t get up straight away whenever your tiny tot has a small snuffle.

Going to your little one every time they stir at night will encourage them to wake up even more. Babies will often cry for a few minutes before settling themselves. Don’t teach them that mummy will come every time they wake up to help baby sleep through the night.

5) Avoid eye contact

When your little one needs attention during the night, get your baby to sleep by avoiding eye contact.

It’s hard to look away from your much-loved infant, especially if they’re crying or screaming. But making eye contact will stimulate your baby, making them think it’s time to wake up. Also, keep movement and loud singing to a minimum to allow your baby to drift off back to sleep.

6) Tire little ones out with a baby bouncer

A baby bouncer is like a baby rocker – but springier! Baby bouncers are a fun way to get your little one moving. The exercise will usually tire them out and give them a better night’s sleep.

The best baby bouncer will also come with entertainment features, such as a toy bar. You can hang small soft toys from the bar which your tiny treasure can look at and touch, stimulating their senses and eventually tiring them out.

A baby sleeping in a bouncer is fine for a short time. Just make sure to check the safety label to find out how long your little one can lie in their baby bouncer.

7) Only change if needed

Newborns don’t need their nappy changed every time they wake up – it’ll only distract them more! A common baby sleep solution is to change your infant only if it’s really necessary (if they poo or are very wet). Newborn babies will let you know when their nappy is too full and making them uncomfortable.

You can help your baby sleep through the night by buying super-absorbent nappies that lock in wetness. By reducing how many times you change your baby at night, there’s less chance of them feeling disturbed and fully waking up.

8) Put your baby down when they’re drowsy, not asleep

Once you’ve set the stage for getting your baby to sleep through the night, it’s a good idea to know when’s right to tuck them into bed.

Put your little one down in their cot once they’re drowsy – not when they’re already asleep. If your baby starts yawning, rubbing their eyes or nodding off during feeding, this is your opportunity to lay your little one down and get your baby to sleep through the night.

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