Changing Bag Checklist: How to Organise Your Baby Bag?

  • by Richard Brigg

Changing bags are specially designed to carry everything you need when venturing out into the big wide world with your baby. 

They’re not just a handbag – changing bags have lots of extra space and a multitude of pockets to transport the essentials.

But choosing the right supplies for your baby bag is difficult for any new parent.

You want to be ready for anything without overstuffing. But how do you know what to pack? That’s why we’ve prepared our top ten essentials you need to pack in your changing bag.

While many new mums will only take their newborn out on short expeditions in the early stages, you can go on longer trips if you like. If you feel comfortable and your doctor, midwife or health visitor has no problems, babies can enjoy a bigger day out with you.

 So if you’re ready to go beyond the park or the supermarket with your little one, we’ve also included a few extras for longer journeys.

Baby Changing Bag Checklist

Travel Changing Mat

A compact travel changing mat is very important to take on any trip, because you can never predict when your little one will need the toilet.

Getting a foldable changing mat makes life a lot easier, as they can be stashed in the bottom of your baby bag without taking up too much room.

Extra Nappies

It’s inevitable your tiny tot will need the bathroom the second you step out the door, and sometimes it can get a little explosive! Spare nappies are a crucial part of any baby bag.

It’s a good idea to carry between 4-6 extra nappies in your changing bag depending on how long you’ll be out.

Nappy Bags

Taking spare nappies means bringing nappy bags too. Carry disposable nappy sacks in your baby changing bag to quickly throw away mess. Keep everything clean and bacteria-free by popping used nappies in the bin as soon as you can.

Nappy Rash Cream

There are lots of nappy-related items on our changing bag checklist! But they’re really valuable for new parents.

Nappy rash cream is another baby bag essential. Nappy rash usually isn’t serious, but it can give your baby very sore skin. Pack a small tub of nappy rash cream in your baby bag. It’ll make changing time easier for you and your little one.

Baby Wipes

From feeding time to toilet time, baby wipes are brilliant for keeping infants clean. They’re a very important addition to your changing bag.

Baby wipes are soft and safe to use on sensitive skin – perfect for sticky hands and banana-covered cheeks!

They’re also useful for cleaning grubby surfaces when out on the move. We recommend buying wipes with a tightly-sealed lid so they don’t dry out.

Muslin Squares

Muslin squares are one of the most handy and versatile items you need in your baby changing bag. They’re made with soft washable fabric with many uses. They’re a secret weapon for new parents.

Mopping up sicky spillages? No problem. Catching dribbles during feeding time? Easy. Muslins can also cover your shoulder when your baby needs to burp. They can even be used to shield your little one on sunny days.

Additionally, muslin cloth is usually more absorbent than bibs. Or you can use it to add an extra layer to changing mats. Because muslin squares have countless uses, they truly are a baby bag essential.

Comforter or Small Toy

Bring your tiny tot’s favourite comforter makes trips out a little easier, especially if they get tired. A small soft toy or blanket doesn’t take up much room in your baby changing bag and is invaluable when your little one needs something to cuddle.

Spare Baby Outfit

Accidents happen and sometimes you can’t avoid a little sicky spill (or otherwise) on your baby’s clothes. Carry an extra baby grow in your changing bag just in case your infant has a little disaster.

Spare Outfit for You

Unfortunately, it’s not just your baby’s clothes that might get dirty when you’re out on a trip. You never know when a baby burp might turn into something worse, so it’s a good idea to bring a spare top in your changing bag.

A light t-shirt will do – you don’t want it to weigh your baby bag down – and will make you feel better in an emergency.

Hand Sanitiser

A good-quality, alcohol-free hand sanitiser will help keep your hands clean when you’re taking care of your baby away from home.

Often, public areas don’t have the right facilities to keep germs away, so new parents can keep their mind at ease when they pack hand sanitiser in their baby changing bag.

Extra Baby Bag Essentials for Long Journeys

For big days out with your baby, it’s a good idea to stash away a few extras in your changing bag, so you’re covered for every eventuality.

Baby Bottle & Formula

When your infant starts getting hungry on a long journey, ready-made formula can be served at room temperature. It just needs to be poured into a sterilised bottle. Both formula and baby bottle can be packed away in a lidded container, which you can neatly tuck away in your changing bag.

Nursing Cover & Breast Pads

Breastfeeding mothers will need to feed their baby in public when they’re travelling for more than a few hours. When you need to be discreet, bring a nursing cover in your changing bag so you can breastfeed in comfort. It’s also an option to pack breast pads in your changing bag in case of any surprises.

Teething Gel

Long journeys can be very uncomfortable if your baby’s teething. A small tube of teething gel or even children’s pain relief sachets don’t take up much space in a baby bag, so bring them along to sooth your little one if needed.

Baby Sunscreen

Unpredictable weather means the sun can break out at any time, and even when it’s cloudy, your little one should be protected. Carry a travel-sized baby sun cream in your changing bag just in case your initial application washes off.

Dummy (Or Two)

For a little extra comfort on extended car journeys and lengthy walks, a dummy can easily be brought in your baby changing bag. Dummies can help babies fall asleep, especially if they don’t settle after feeding. It’s a good idea to bring a spare for those moments when your tiny tot throws their dummy on the floor!

While you won’t always need everything on our list every time you go out, it’s important to be prepared.

Choosing the right baby changing bag is another essential part of travelling with your little one. Good-quality baby bags don’t need to be expensive, and there are plenty multi-functional changing bags available with lots of extra compartments.

Bababing supplies a stylish range of changing bags that helps mums and dads carry all their baby basics and prepare for a great family day out.


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