Choosing the Best Baby Pram Bag

Imagine you’re getting ready for a short walk around the park so you and your tiny tot can get some fresh air. You’ve fed, burped and changed your baby and now they’re getting ready for a nap in the buggy.

Twenty minutes into the journey and your little one wakes up with a case of toilet trouble, and you’re too far away from home to do much about it. Even when you think you’ve prepared for everything before you’ve left the house, you can never predict what’s going to happen – or when it might get explosive!

That’s why we’ve prepared this handy guide to choosing the right baby pram bag for you. Whether you need to get to the shops, walk to the park or are visiting granny.

5 Top Tips for Choosing a Pram Changing Bag

1) It Should Fix onto Your Pram

The number one tip on our list for deciding on a changing bag is finding one that can be fixed to your pram. Lots of baby bags can be looped over the back of the pram handles or placed in the base compartment of the buggy. While this is usually safe, you might find you get extra support when you buy a pram bag that can be easily and safely clipped onto your pushchair.

Pram changing bags that come with buggy clips or buggy hooks can be attached to your pushchair, evenly distributing baggage weight so your baby bag feels a little less heavy. You can also buy extra buggy clips online for when you really want to secure your pram changing bag.

2) It Should Have Lots of Space

It goes without saying your pram changing bag should have a lot of space for all your essentials. Spare nappies, jars, a bottle – these are just a few of the many baby basics that might need to come on every trip with your little one. Good-quality changing bags should have plenty space to fit in anything you could possibly need.

It’s important to be prepared for every eventuality when you take your baby on a trip out. Whether it’s just a short walk into town or you’re going on a weekend car journey, pram changing bags are great for comfortably carrying all those crucial baby extras.

3) It Should Have Compartments and Pockets

The best pram bags aren’t just full of space – they have pockets too! The last thing new parents need is to be rummaging around their baby changing bag, looking for that one last spare nappy in a toilet emergency. Pram changing bags should have lots of extra compartments on the outside and the inside, so you have easy access to anything you might need.

Some pram changing bags have special pockets designed specifically for baby basics, from insulated bottle holder pockets to waterproof compartments that are ideal for carrying baby wipes. But it’s most important to make sure your baby bag has enough storage pouches for you to keep everything to hand.

4) It Should Have Thick Adjustable Straps

There’s no doubt that baby changing bags can get heavy! But if you choose a pram bag with thick, adjustable straps, it can make everything easier when you’re out and about with your infant. Firstly, thick pram bag straps are perfect for when you want to hang your changing bag off the back of your pushchair. Avoid thin straps as they can’t necessarily carry as much weight.

Secondly, choose a changing bag with adjustable straps. You’re likely to be moving around a lot when travelling with your baby, constantly needing to be in and out of your pram bag. Adjustable straps help when you need to load your baby bag onto your back during changing time, then they can easily slide back to the right length to fit onto your buggy.

5) It Should Be Easy to Clean

Because they can go anywhere with you and your baby, it’s no surprise that pram changing bags are particularly prone to mess. They can get dirty on the inside and the outside, so it’s important to find a baby bag that’s either wipe clean or washable.

Sticky hands, split formula, grass stains, mud, or perhaps your pram changing bag might get slightly too close to your baby’s little accident – these are just some of the reasons changing bags can get stained or soiled. But your baby’s hygiene is extremely important, so the best pram bags should be easily cleanable to keep germs away.

The Most Important Part of Choosing the Right Pram Changing Bag

Deciding on a pram bag is ultimately your decision, and while our tips can help you choose the right changing bag for your pushchair, it’s most important to pick what’s best for you.

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