Choosing the right Baby Furniture?..

  • by Katie Adamson-McMinn

Sitting here feeling like my clothes are getting tighter by the hour! Yes o.k maybe the Krispy Kreme for breakfast was indulgent, but I haven’t seen my feet in nearly two weeks, and I thought the dougnut wouldn’t be that bad would it? ….

So, in a matter of a couple of months my bundle of joy will be joining us in this crazy world! We (my other half and I) have decided which room will be babies. Yes, I know for the first few weeks baby will be in a Moses basket in our room as I am going to try to breast feed. Yes, I am excited but also shaking in fear but my mum managed it so I'm sure I can?

With the room selected and with a combination of freshly painted grey and white  walls and a new laminate floor installed our ‘nursery’ is ready! Well all except we don’t have anything in it yet.  The array of ‘sleeping’ products is mind blowing from small wooden rocking cots, co-sleeping cots, cotbeds and even a tall narrow cot that looks like it belongs in an under funded orphanage I have no idea where to begin.

For every pretty cot for not much money there is a coordinated range of full furniture for small people! Black, white, grey, pink, yellow, wood effect, oak, pine and who knows what else with price tags from a couple of hundred pound into five thousand pound! My car only cost me £4995! How is furniture for a small person this much.  

Made more challenging by not knowing if we are having a boy or a girl (or small elephant! Yes I know the doughnut has probably been eaten by bump and he/she will have grown another 1lb since yesterday 

My sensible head says a three piece set, cot/cot bed with storage, wardrobe and a chest of drawers with changing platform top makes for a sound investment but if I have a girl her dad will expect her room to look like a bedroom for a Disney Princess.

Ever practical but conscious of colour we actually both agree on grey as a preferred colour. I am shocked as I think the last thing we agree on was the tray of shots we sank in Greece nearly 9 months ago! Yes that’s what lead to my growing waistline and rapidly emptying bank account, not to mention the growing tower of baby magazines! I swear some of the baby bedrooms in those magazines could fit a hot tub in!

Friends have said set the budget then look for the best fit for the money, which I can understand but this is our first baby and I want my bump to spend their first 2 years in a beautiful room with solid well built furniture that can grow with them.

We already have a Moses basket for downstairs, we were given awesome advice by our local baby store about what would suit baby and our lifestyle. I didn’t realise you could spend £30-£300 on a Moses basket....madnesse. Downstairs sleeping arrangements in the bag!

But I like the idea of the cot with mesh sides that lower so for the first few months baby can sleep in their own space next to me and I can lower the side at feeding times.  I have looked at some other small cots but the idea of a lightweight unit is appealing, we visit family a lot and having something that can come with us without too much fuss is appealing. So that’s our room sorted!!

So the sensible head wins! Three pieces of furniture, with a foam mattress for babies cot and the changing table/chest of drawer unit and matching wardrobe win. In grey, now I just need to get dad to built it, as my other half is no good with a screwdriver, intact I’m not sure we even own one?..... One baby 3 different places to sleep..... god the next 18 years are going to be expensive 


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