How to Choose a Backpack Changing Bag or a Baby Tote Bag

  • by James Robinson

A baby tote bag is like a shopping bag. They hang over one shoulder and are very versatile, ideal for the office, the shops or even date night.

A backpack changing bag is exactly that: a backpack with extra functions to help you carry all your baby essentials. A changing backpack has more of an outdoorsy look than the tote, so is perfect for trips to the beach and the park.

Either way, both styles of bags are beneficial when you’re heading out with your tiny tot. But now we know what they are, how do they compete against each other? We let these baby changing bags battle it out to find which is best. But when the backpack changing bag takes on the baby tote, who will win?

Backpack Changing Bag vs Baby Tote Bag

1) Which baby changing bag is easiest to carry?

Lots of new mums face bad post-partum back pain as their abdominal muscles are weakened after giving birth. You don’t want to make it worse by lugging round an uncomfortable heavy bag. Make sure you’re not carrying too much in your nappy bag and only pack the essentials.

A backpack changing bag can be useful for alleviating stress on your shoulders and back. With two straps, the weight of your baby essentials is distributed evenly. This can help lessen the impact on your body.

When you’re wearing a baby tote bag, they usually hang on one shoulder. This can pull you down and cause strain on one side. What you can do is wear your baby tote bag across the body to relieve the pressure.

If things do get too heavy, why not try pushchair clips? They work for both baby tote bags and nappy backpacks. Pushchair clips hook your baby changing bag onto the back of your pram so you don’t have to carry anything at all!

2) Does it work for dad?

Baby changing bags don’t have to all be about mum! There are lots of neutral-style bags that work for both parents. You don’t have to choose one covered in flowers and sequins. Pick a bag that dad can wear too (we’re sure he’ll thank you for it).

But would dad want to don your baby tote bag? If the idea of carrying round ‘mum’s handbag’ horrifies him, you might want a backpack changing bag that’s a bit more man-friendly.

Of course, you can always try a messenger changing bag. These bags go across the body and look just like a casual work bag. Just remind dad to take out the nappies before he goes to the office!

3) Is your baby gear accessible?

Just imagine this. Your baby’s crying and just won’t stop. Their nappy’s full and they need changing right now. You’re facing an emergency poo situation that needs to be sorted – fast!

When you’re in a rush, the last thing you need is to be scrabbling around in your bag for that last nappy. If you’re wearing a baby changing backpack, you’ll need to take it off completely to grab your baby gear. But if you’re wearing a baby tote bag, you can simply reach inside without removing it and get whatever you need.

4) How practical is your baby changing bag?

When deciding on the best baby changing bag, you need to think about the practicalities. Choosing substance over style sounds kind of dull, but you’ll almost certainly need a functional bag when going out with your little one.

So to make sure we don’t miss out the important bits, here’s the most valuable features of a practical baby changing bag:

  • Includes a travel changing mat
  • Plenty of space for all your baby gear
  • Lots of separate pockets, so you know where everything is
  • Easy to clean in case of little accidents

The good news? A backpack changing bag and a baby tote bag both have these useful features. In the race for the best type of baby changing bag, this one’s a draw.

5) Which baby changing bag suits your lifestyle?

If you’re more likely to be found hiking across the hills than shopping in the high street, you should think about what kind of baby changing bag matches your lifestyle.

A tote bag can double as a shopping bag, so is ideal for carrying your baby bits as well as your purse. You can find a great choice of stylish changing bags that look just like a handbag, so you can stay trendy when strolling round the city with your little one.

But if you’re more of an outdoor explorer, a baby changing backpack could be a better choice. That way, you can carry everything you need on your back while keeping your hands free.

Whatever your lifestyle, consider if a baby tote bag or a backpack changing bag is best to suit your needs.

So which baby changing bag comes out on top? For us, it’s a tie. As long as you find a bag with all the right functions to make life a little easier, the finer details are up to you.

Luckily, BabaBing! has a fantastic range of baby changing bags that are both practical and stylish. We have a variety of neutral colours available, so you can find a bag that’s perfect for you and your family. With baby tote bags like the trendy Tilly Tote Changing Bag plus the brand-new Mani Backpack Changing Bag available, we think you’ll be spoilt for choice!


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