How to Choose Between a Baby Door Bouncer or a Baby Jumper?

  • by Nicholas Robinson

Lots of babies are ready to play and explore from an early age. When they’re just a few months old, your little one might try to reach for their rattle or clutch a soft teddy bear.

Newborns are naturally inquisitive. They’re learning about their new environment and are endlessly curious. It’s no secret babies need a lot of your time. New parents often find their tiny tots are always looking for different ways to play.

That’s why baby door bouncers and baby jumpers can be very handy for entertaining your little one. Infants as young as four months old can happily bounce around, exercising and having fun at the same time.

But one of the best things about baby bouncers is that they can be used independently while mum takes a few minutes to relax.

What Are Baby Bouncers?

Baby bouncers are designed to strengthen your baby’s muscles, improve posture and give them independent play. Little ones who can support themselves are normally fine to play in a baby bouncer. But make sure to check the safety and age label first.

But what's the difference between a baby door bouncer and a baby jumper?

A baby door bouncer attaches to the door frame. Your baby’s fastened in with adjustable ties and a small padded seat. Little ones are free to jump around using bungee-style straps that clamp securely to your door frame.

Baby jumpers are different because they remain on the floor. They still come with a seat and an elastic cord, but they have a frame rather than a door attachment.

Which One’s Best? Baby Door Bouncer Vs. Baby Jumper

Your baby can have fun whichever you choose. But how do you decide between a baby door bouncer and a baby jumper? We put both to the test.

Does It Take up Much Space?

When choosing the best baby bouncer, take into consideration how much space this toy will take up.

Baby jumpers are usually quite large, so unless you have a lot of extra room in your house, they might not fit! The frames surrounding baby jumpers must be strong and sizable enough to support your baby. However, they’re not necessarily right for your living room because they’re so big.

Baby door bouncers are much smaller and can be fitted on most door frames in the home. When your little one’s not using their baby door bouncer, you can easily walk around the toy to get into different rooms. That’s why we think baby door bouncers take the prize for giving you the most space in your house.

How Easy Is It to Get Your Baby in and Out?

It can be difficult to get babies sat securely in the door bouncer seat, because the elastic cords can swing round freely. Sometimes new parents find they can’t get their baby out of their door bouncer without an extra hand, which isn’t ideal if you’re looking after your little one alone.

Baby jumpers have sturdy plastic or metal frames that won’t move when your placing your little one inside. Because they’re not as flexible, it can be easier to get your tiny toy inside a baby jumper, which is why we think they’re the best baby bouncers for easy movement.

What’s the Cost?

Baby jumpers are normally more expensive than baby door bouncers, so parents on a budget might need to consider how they’re investing their money. Jumpers are one of the most expensive styles of baby bouncer because they can cost more to make, due to their larger size and framework. Baby jumpers also often come with extra features like a toy tray that are even more expensive.

But buying everything you need for your new arrival costs a lot, which is why we prefer the thriftier baby door bouncer. Before you spend a lot of money on any baby bouncer, consider how much use your little one will get out of it.

Does it Have Special Features?

If you do have a bigger budget for toys, some of the best baby bouncers come with fun extra accessories. Baby jumpers normally come with toy trays, music, lights or sensory objects that can entertain your infant for longer while they bounce around.

Baby door bouncers don’t typically come with these special features attached – there’s nowhere to put them! But you should remember that many baby bouncers come with a safety warning that explains young children shouldn’t enjoy jumping time for more than 20 minutes. But if your little one doesn’t like bouncing, at least with a baby jumper they’ll still be entertained. That’s why baby jumpers win this one with their special features.

It’s Decision Time: Baby Door Bouncer or Baby Jumper?

It’s a tie for us, but this guide might give you some ideas of what you should consider when buying the best baby bouncer. Whether you’re considering a baby jumper or thinking about buying a baby door bouncer, remember to choose one that’s the perfect fit for you and your little one.

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