How to Find the Best Baby Travel Bag

  • by James Robinson

Whether you’re jetting off to Spain or hopping on a coach to Cornwall, you’ll still need to bring everything your baby needs.

Newborns are especially unsure of new places, so it’s a good idea to bring a few extra toys or blankets. Plus, depending on how long you’re travelling for, you might need additional bottles or snacks.

Packing for a holiday is stressful enough, but where do you put it all? We’ve took away the worry with our guide to buying a baby travel bag. Read our advice and find out how to find the best holiday changing bag!

8 Baby Travel Bag Tips

1) It’s Big…

Babies need everything you use at home (and more!) when you go on holiday. On top of the essentials from your changing bag checklist, you’ll need lots of other things in your baby travel bag.

Think sun cream, a baby monitor, the travel first-aid kit, another sun hat… There’s a lot of extras needed for a holiday with your little one.

The best baby travel bag will be big enough to pack all the baby basics and beyond! Find one which has lots of inner space. Knowing you have everything your youngster needs gives peace of mind when you’re travelling away from home.

2) …But Not Too Big!

A baby travel bag is perfect to use for your airport cabin bag or hand luggage. Most airlines allow you to bring a cabin bag for free. Some even allow you to have hand luggage and a small handbag too!

Lots of airports have a max weight allowance of around 10kg for your cabin bag. This means you can carry quite a lot of your little one’s paraphernalia in a baby travel bag. It’s a bonus if you’re flying with an airline which has an unlimited weight allowance.

Just make sure to check any size restrictions with your chosen carrier. Always find out the dimensions of your baby travel bag before you go!

3) Space for Bottles and Baby Food…

Even if you’re on a short-haul flight, your baby could need feeding. Think about check-in queues, the line at security and the wait to board. You could be hanging around for a long time at the airport. Plus, you never know if your flight might be delayed.

Although there are restrictions about liquids in airports, you can bring expressed milk, formula and food onto the plane.

Current UK guidelines say you can bring 2,000ml of contained breastmilk in your hand luggage. Frozen breastmilk isn’t allowed. You can also carry baby food, formula and sterilised water as long as your little one’s present. Make sure to check the specific guidelines before you travel!

The best baby travel bag will have their own insulated pocket, specially designed for bottles. Some designs have two bottle pockets for extra-long journeys. A holiday changing bag should also have lots of other compartments to safely carry food and water.

4) …Plus Pockets for Passports!

Did you know it’s not just mum and dad who need a passport? Babies need them too! From a visa to an EHIC card, your baby still needs documents to travel, depending on your destination.

When choosing the best baby travel bag, look for a design which has small, compact pockets. These are perfect for storing your important bits and pieces, like passports, cards, cash and your phone. Or if you’re keeping your valuables elsewhere, you could just use the space for sunglasses!

5) Holiday Proof

Sandy beaches with crystal-blue waters sound amazing, but they’re not so nice for your holiday changing bag!

Choose a travel changing bag which is easy to clean. No one wants to spend their time at the beach scrubbing away bits of sand from their bag! Look for designs made with wipeable or washable fabric. Or you could go one step further with a weatherproof travel changing bag, which can make life much easier when holidaying with your baby.

6) Inclusive Travel Mat

Changing your baby while your out on the move is hard enough. Throw in a brand-new environment and it can be even trickier to complete a successful nappy change!

If you’re on holiday in a place you’ve never been before, you probably won’t know where the closest facilities are. Even if you do find public toilets, they might not have a suitable space for changing. The facilities available might not be very hygienic either.

If you’re caught short on and your little one needs changing right now, there’s no need to wait. A travel changing bag should come with an inclusive portable mat, so you can change your youngster anywhere, anytime.

7) Protects from Pickpockets

OK, we know no one wants to steal your nappies (we hope not, anyway)! But unfortunately, there are pickpockets out there who see mums busying with their baby as an opportunity to steal.

Avoid open bags and keep your valuables in a zipped-up pocket. The best baby travel bag will have plenty of zip compartments for your phone, passports and cash. You could also use an over-the-shoulder baby satchel with a folding cover for extra protection.

8) Stylish

While we’re all about the practicalities, mum deserves to look good too!

Don’t let your new summer maxi dress get hidden by a bulky out-of-date changing bag. There are lots of fashionable styles out there, from chic baby travel bag totes to designs which look just like a trendy handbag.

Try neutral colours like navy or black which go with everything. Who knew changing bags could be so en vogue?

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