How to Soothe and Stop Baby Crying

  • by James Robinson

There will be lots of times your baby won’t stop crying and there’s no clear reason as to why. But before you get too frazzled with your newborn baby crying, make sure to try our top 10 methods to help soothe and relax your little one.

10 Ways to Stop Baby Crying

1) Massage

There are lots of benefits to baby massage. It can help you become more confident when holding your newborn, improves baby’s sleep quality and is the perfect way to bond with your little one. But massaging can also stop baby crying. Though, don’t use any oils or creams until your baby’s at least one month old, as their skin is too sensitive.

2) White Noise

If your baby won’t stop crying, try playing some white noise. You don’t need to buy a special machine, because there are lots videos online you can play from your phone or laptop.

White noise can help baby stop crying as it drowns out the loud household sounds – maybe you have an older child who likes making a racket! White noise also seems to soothe babies and can help them drift off to sleep.

3) Something to Suck

Most babies suck on their own fingers because they’re showing you they’re feeling hungry. But if you’ve fed your baby and they’re refusing your breast or bottle, they could be using finger sucking as a self-soothing mechanism. It’s thought that babies start sucking their thumb way back in the womb. So, it’s natural they’ll continue after birth to feel calm.

You can also soothe your little one by giving them a dummy to suck. Not all parents encourage sucking (there are pros and cons), but it can be a quick temporary solution to stop baby crying.

4) Music

Some soft music can help stop your newborn baby crying. Like white noise, gentle music can drown out other sounds which might interrupt your baby’s sleep. And if your little one wakes up crying but can hear music playing, it can sometimes help them drift off again.

You could also try singing a lullaby to stop baby crying. Even if your voice isn’t opera-ready, lullabies can comfort your newborn as they react positively to the sound of your voice.

5) Change Temperature

One of the most common but hard to spot reasons for your newborn baby crying is their temperature. Generally, your baby needs one more layer of clothing (or a light blanket) than you. But if your infant’s too hot or too cold, the simplest way to stop baby crying is to add or take away a layer.

There are lots of ways your baby might feel too hot or too cold. Swaddling babies can help them sleep, but the extra covering could make your little one very warm. Or you might notice your baby get upset during nappy changes when they have no clothes on – in which case, they could be too cold. Always check your infant’s temperature if you’re not sure why baby won’t stop crying.

6) Soothe Overstimulation

All those new sounds and smells, plus the many faces which come and go – being a newborn baby can get very tiring! Because of their brand-new surroundings, many babies can feel overstimulated and overwhelmed. This makes babies very grumpy, as they feel tired but struggle to get to sleep.

You can soothe overstimulation by returning your little one to their newborn baby routine as soon as possible. Once your baby settles back into their usual schedule, they’ll usually stop crying and feel calm again.

7) Fresh Air

If your baby won’t stop crying, why not take a short trip into the garden? A breath of fresh air can really soothe your baby. Plus, the change of scenery gives them something new to look at. Fresh air is also thought to improve your baby’s sleep, helping them to rest for longer at night.

8) Baby Rocker

A baby rocker is a wonderful way to stop baby crying. The gentle rocking motion is very comforting for many babies because it feels like being swayed in their parent’s arms. Some baby rockers even have additional toy bars to entertain your little one when they’re a bit cranky.

9) Warm Bath

A warm bath can be great for soothing an irritable infant. If your baby won’t stop crying, fill a clean washing-up bowl with warm water. You should check the temperature with your elbow to make sure it isn’t too hot. Hold your baby in the water and hopefully they’ll relax. If your baby doesn’t enjoy the water, try bathing with your little one, so they get the added skin-to-skin comfort.

10) Cuddle

Babies need lots of reassurance, love and care. So, if your newborn won’t stop crying, they might just need a cuddle. Give your baby lots of hugs to make them feel calm and comforted.

You should also have lots of skin-to-skin contact with your baby. Skin-to-skin snuggles are very valuable for regulating your baby’s temperature, heartbeat and breathing while reducing stress for both of you. Make sure to enjoy plenty of cuddles to help stop your newborn baby crying.


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