Introducing our Brand New Raffi 3 in 1 Travel System

  • by James Robinson

The latest creation to come from our range of stylish and practical baby products is suitable from birth, so it’s ideal for expecting or new parents. And with a fashionable yet functional design, our baby travel system is perfect for making day’s out with your little one a walk in the park! But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s our top eight reasons why we think you’ll love our Raffi 3 in 1 Travel System.

8 Reasons You’ll Love Our Raffi Baby Travel System

1) Everything you need in one travel system

Our new Raffi travel system features three handy features in one pushchair. Not only is the Raffi great for days out with your baby, but it can also transform into a carrycot and a car seat!

Now, you no longer need to think about where your baby will sleep or figure out where to get a car seat. It’s all ready and waiting for you with our 3 in 1 travel system.

2) Not too heavy, but not too light

Finding the perfect balance between being too heavy and too light is difficult for parents. A very lightweight pushchair can topple over if your baby changing bag is too heavy to hang on the back – and they don’t work very well in windy conditions, either!

Though if your pushchair is really heavy, you’ll no doubt get tired of lugging it around. You’ll also need to lift your pushchair up stairs and into the car boot, which can be a challenge if it weights a lot.

But weighing only 12.5 kilos, our Raffi baby travel system is lighter than many other pushchairs on the market.

However, it’s still sturdy enough to support your bags. Or you can just tuck them in the large shopping basket placed underneath. How handy for trips to the supermarket and the high street!

3) Trendy, unisex design

Even dad won’t mind pushing the Raffi around! Our latest 3 in 1 travel system is sleek in style, with lots of attention to detail, like the extra ribbed knit fabric on the seat and bassinet cover. Plus, with clean lines, no exposed rivets and a smooth, leatherette handle, the Raffi has a truly premium feel. It currently comes in black and grey, offering an understated style both mum and dad can enjoy.

4) Easy to clean

Pushchairs are meant for the outside, which means they can get dirty very quickly. Grass stains and mud are the main culprits for your wheels. Plus, when your baby’s a little older, you might feed them a few colourful snacks that leave messy stains behind. And don’t forget – there’s always a chance of reflux!

But our baby travel system has wipeable surfaces, washable fabrics and an easy-clean footplate. So no matter how often you expose your Raffi to the elements, it’s simple to get it looking like new.

5) Breathable lining works for every temperature

We already know one of the key features of this 3 in 1 travel system – the carrycot. But to make this pushchair even better, we’ve included a super-soft and cosy lining that works in a variety of weather conditions. The high-quality and breathable fabric is created with an advanced material used in the sports and outdoor industry – keeping your baby cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s chilly.

6) Multi-position incline and recline

If your baby has reflux, you’ll likely want to avoid him or her sitting a little slumped! Lots of pushchair seats are situated so babies sit slightly slouched, which can put pressure on their tummy, and as a result makes reflux worse.

But the bassinet of our Raffi travel system features a three-position incline and recline setting to help with reflux. You only need one hand to simply operate the mechanism that changes the seat’s position and – ta-da! – your baby can be upright and comfy in seconds.

7) Coverage included – whatever the weather

If a 3 in 1 travel system wasn’t enough, we’ve also included a sun visor and rain covers with the Raffi to keep your baby protected – rain or shine! When it’s too bright, just zip down the sun hood, or pop on the rain cover if it’s drizzly. You can even keep an eye on your tiny tot with the viewing window in the hood.

8) An affordable travel system at a great price

Our Raffi 3 in 1 system might have a premium look, but that doesn’t have to mean a premium price tag! We think parents shouldn’t have to pay a lot for fashion and functionality, which is why the Raffi is offered for an affordable, family-friendly price. And through our market research, we’ve even found the Raffi is cheaper than other baby travel systems on the market. So if you’re planning your baby on a budget, it’s the perfect choice, because the Raffi is high in quality, but low in price.

See our brilliant 3 in 1 travel system for yourself and find out how it can work for your family – the Raffi Baby Travel System is available to order from BabaBing! Remember to keep updated with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too, with even more Raffi updates coming soon!


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