Pregnant: Packing for Hospital - Here's a List of 48 Things You'll Need

  • by Richard Brigg

Pregnant: Packing for Hospital - Here's a List of 48 Things You'll Need

When preparing for the arrival of your baby, one of the most important steps is packing your hospital bag. It's essential to have everything you need to ensure a comfortable stay for both you and your newborn. Here are 27 key items to include:

  1. Hospital paperwork, ID, and insurance information.
  2. Birth plan (if you have one).
  3. Maternity bras and underwear.
  4. Comfortable clothes and nightgowns for postpartum.
  5. Toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant.
  6. Comfortable shoes or slippers.
  7. Phone and charger.
  8. Snacks and drinks.
  9. Nursing pads and nipple cream for breastfeeding.
  10. Pillow and blanket.
  1. Camera/video camera for documenting your baby’s first moments.
  2. Going-home outfit for baby (don't forget a hat!)
  3. Car seat/Isofix base securely installed in the car for taking baby home.
  4. Nappies, wipes, diaper rash cream, and cotton swabs.
  5. Nursing bra (for breastfeeding).
  6. Baby clothes for all seasons and weather types for taking baby home.
  7. A dummy (if you plan to use one).
  8. Books or magazines to pass the time in between appointments/procedures.
  9. Gum or a soothing throat spray for dryness during labor and delivery.
  10. Music and speakers to create a calming environment during labor.
  1. Nursing pillow for feeding baby postpartum.
  2. An overnight bag for your partner to stay with you if the hospital allows it.
  3. Postpartum pads and mesh underwear (large, high-waisted panties).
  4. Lotion, oil, or massage tools to use during labor.
  5. Hair ties and headbands in case your hair gets in the way during delivery.
  6. Essential oils for a calming atmosphere and aromatherapy (if allowed).
  7. A breast pump (if breastfeeding) to help build up your milk supply after you leave the hospital.
  8. A journal to document your thoughts and emotions during the labor and delivery process.
  9. Disposable breast pads for leaking milk after birth.
  10. Swaddle blankets, hats, mittens, and booties for keeping baby warm postpartum.
  1. Your partner’s phone charger in case they need it while staying at the hospital with you.
  2. Healthy snacks to give you a boost of energy during labor and delivery.
  3. Change for vending machines in case you need access to additional items or snacks while in the hospital.
  4. A list of important phone numbers and contacts such as your doctor, family, friends, etc., in case you need to contact anyone while in the hospital.
  5. Camera and extra batteries to capture those special moments right after birth.
  6. A car seat and base for when you leave the hospital with your new baby.
  7. Nappies, wipes, diaper cream, and any other diapering supplies you plan to use for your newborn.
  8. Blankets, onesies, and other clothing items for your baby to wear home from the hospital.
  9. A pacifier/dummy if you plan on using one for your newborn.
  10. Any medications that have been prescribed by your doctor for use postpartum.
  1. An outfit and any other special items to bring your baby home in after they are born.
  2. A list of questions for your doctor or nurses in case you have any during the hospital stay.
  3. A baby book to record special moments and milestones throughout your baby’s life.
  4. Baby care supplies such as a thermometer, nail clippers, etc., that you will need once you get home with your newborn.
  5. A nursing pillow for easier breastfeeding after you return home with your baby.
  6. All of the paperwork that the hospital will give you to take home, such as birth certificates or other medical records.
  7. Toiletries and any other personal items that you may need during your time in the hospital, as well as when you return home.
  8. Snacks and drinks for yourself that will be easy to store and eat throughout your stay at the hospital.

As you prepare for the arrival of your precious little one, ensuring that you have everything you need can make the transition from hospital to home as smooth as possible. By packing beforehand, you can focus solely on your newborn and the joy they bring.

This comprehensive list is designed to help you prepare for all aspects of childbirth and postpartum recovery, whether in the hospital or at home. Remember, every experience is unique, so feel free to adjust this list to suit your personal needs. You're embarking on an incredible journey—embrace it!

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