Should You Buy a Baby Changing Backpack?

  • by James Robinson

Here’s our top ten reasons why a baby bag backpack is a great choice if you’re expecting a new arrival!

10 Pros of the Baby Changing Backpack

1) A Unisex Design Means No Excuses for Dad

Most dads will refuse to carry a pretty handbag, though why should mum do all the work? But with a baby changing backpack, both parents can feel cool and comfortable on days out with their little one.

2) Plenty Space for All Your Stuff

A good baby changing backpack is a roomy one, with lots of space for all your baby gear. And believe us, you’re going to need every inch of your bag to cram everything in.

With all the creams, food, nappies, wipes and spare clothes, your changing bag checklist might feel like it’s a mile long. But a baby bag backpack is specially designed with parents in mind – they have plenty of room for your stuff. Plus, with a zip-fasten top, your belongings are kept secure and aren't in danger of spilling out.

3) Special Compartments for Both Parent and Baby

A handbag sometimes feels like a deep, dark cave – and once something goes in, it doesn’t come back! But you can avoid struggling and searching for your things with a baby changing backpack. With lots of different pockets (way more than a standard rucksack), it’s simple to sort your baby gear into each separate compartment.

Plus, some designs have their own parent pocket, so you can keep your keys, phone and cash safe too!

4) All That Baby Gear is Heavy

Baby’s in the pram and you’re all packed and ready to go. Just pick up your changing bag and head out the door. Simple. But it’s not always a case of just picking up your bag of baby gear – it’s more like lifting a ton of bricks! So, to avoid confusing a day out with your baby with a gym workout (and it can feel like that sometimes), choose a baby changing backpack. The two straps reduce the impact on your shoulders while alleviating the weight of your bits and bobs.

5) Hands-Free Movement

If you ever find yourself wielding a wriggly baby, plus the pram and a bunch of supermarket carrier bags, you probably won’t have a spare finger to clutch onto your changing bag as well. But with a baby bag backpack, you can have hands-free movement. This can make travelling with your little one much simpler.

6) Works Even When Baby’s Not Around

Baby changing backpacks aren’t just for babies! They have a variety of uses and can hold more than nappy rash cream. When your little one’s older and you don’t need your baby bag backpack anymore, why not use it somewhere else?

Hit the beach with your changing bag – it’s big enough to hold your towels and sunscreen. Or, reuse your bag at the office when you go back to work. You could even keep your baby changing backpack for travel – they make great cabin bags. Don’t forget to hang onto your changing backpack in case of baby number two!

7) More Stylish Than a School Bag

You’re probably thinking a baby changing backpack goes for substance over style. They might even take you back to your school years! But we can assure you, these bags aren’t for the playground. Gone are the days where backpacks were a fashion faux pas. Now, with their trendy designs, chic colours and high-quality fabrics, baby backpacks are one of the most stylish changing bags.

8) Milk Stains, Be Gone

Milky reflux, baby oil, mushed-up food, or even the contents of your little one’s nappy might end up over your changing bag. But cleaning up doesn’t have to be a mammoth task with a baby bag backpack. Simply wipe or wash away stains and your baby changing backpack will look as good as new!

9) Stroller Ready

If your stroller has two handles, you can hang your bag off the back – which is great when you need a break from all the heavy lifting! But if your pushchair or pram only has one handlebar, where does your bag go?

Luckily, you can get handy stroller clips that securely fasten your bag onto any pram handle. The Mani Backpack Changing Bag even includes free pushchair clips, so you can carry your bag however you like.

10) Survival of the Fittest

A newborn can be expensive. If you want to cut the cost of having a baby, you probably don’t want to fork out for more than one changing bag. So, you need to find one that’s resilient, long-lasting and will survive the testing times ahead!

Whether you like taking muddy family walks or are thinking about going camping with your baby, you need a changing bag that’s totally adventure-proof. Fortunately, the Mani Baby Changing Backpack is both wind resistant and batter-proof, so you can take on the elements without destroying your bag!

If you’re still not convinced, we’ve also investigated how the baby changing backpack fares against the traditional tote bag. But who comes out on top? Read more in our BabaBing! blog.


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