The Difference Between a Pram and Pushchair

  • by James Robinson

If your due date’s coming up soon, you’re probably getting organised and buying all the newborn baby essentials. And at the top of that list is likely some kind of travel system, so you and your little one can get out and about. But what happens when you start browsing the baby shops? You might see rows and rows of prams, pushchairs or strollers – and quickly realise you have no idea which one you’re supposed to go for!

But don’t worry. We’ve worked it out for you already by investigating the difference between a pram and pushchair. You and your new baby will be ready for an adventure in no time.

Pram or Pushchair?


Let’s find out about the pram first – who’s it for, what it does and how it works.

  • A pram is just for newborn babies

    Prams are generally designed for newborns and aren’t suitable for older children. They’re not always as flexible as other travel systems which adapt your baby’s age and growth.

  • They’re built for your baby to lie completely flat

    It’s important for newborns to lie flat to help their growth and development. Young babies who can’t sit alone or support themselves will end up slouching slightly if they’re propped up. This can be harmful for your baby and have an effect on their breathing. So, for healthy lung development, lying flat in a pram is essential.

  • Prams are very sturdy

    Usually, a pram is a heavy and sturdy structure. Some weigh up to a whopping 16kg – and that’s before your baby’s in! You might need a stronger pram if you live in a rural area and take walks on country paths. However, be careful of choosing a pram that’s too heavy for you to handle.

  • Takes up a lot of space

    A pram is normally quite large. They’ll take up a lot of space in your hallway (or wherever it’s kept when not in use). Plus, if you use public transport like buses or trains, you might find it difficult to fit a pram on board.

  • They can’t be folded up

    Because they’re designed to stay flat, a pram typically won’t fold away. They can’t be easily dismantled, which is something you might need to bear in mind if you’re short on space.

  • Your baby faces you

    Taking your baby out for the first time can be nerve-wracking. Your newborn will need lots of love and affection as they get used to their new surroundings. With a pram, your little one normally faces you, which lets you see your baby. It’s perfect for pulling faces, smiling and chatting to your newborn as they familiarise themselves with the big, wide world.


A pushchair is also sometimes known as a stroller – they’re the same thing. But what’s the difference between a pram and a pushchair or stroller?

  • A pushchair can be for newborns and older babies

    The main difference between a pram and a pushchair is their suitability for different ages. Many pushchairs are adaptable and can accommodate both newborns and older infants.

  • They can change position

    If a pushchair or stroller is suitable for young and older infants, they need a fully reclining seat so a newborn can lie flat. However, you can also find pushchairs with adjustable settings, so your baby can sit up slightly. This could help with reflux, too.

  • Pushchairs can usually be folded up

    A pushchair is different from a pram, as they can often be collapsed and folded up. This might be useful if you’re short on space or need to take a long journey on public transport and want to put your pushchair away.

  • They have extra parent-friendly features

    A stroller generally has more parent-friendly features than a pram, like a shopping basket. A good-sized basket is very handy for when your baby’s a little older and you like to take them round the supermarket!

  • Baby can face either way

    A pushchair can be more versatile than a pram, because you can find both forward and rear-facing designs. Though, with a parent-facing pushchair, you might find it easier to interact with your baby.

  • Often comes as a travel system with more baby gear included

    A pushchair can be more than just a way to travel! You can find strollers which transform into a carrycot or car seat, which could save you money on your baby budget.

So, now we know the difference between a pram and pushchair. Though, you don’t need to compromise – you can have it all with the Bababing Raffi complete bundle. It’s a pushchair, car seat and bassinet, all in one!

Suitable for newborns and older babies, this stroller has three positions for your baby to lie flat, recline or sit up, depending on your little one’s age and preference. It’s durable, but lighter than many other pushchairs on the market, and has a one-hand collapse mechanism, so the Raffi can be folded away easily. Plus, it’s a parent-facing pushchair, so you can always see your baby’s smiling face!


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