Top Tips for Decorating and Furnishing Your Baby's Nursery

  • by James Robinson

One of the biggest considerations is furnishing their nursery. You probably already know that you need a changing table and a crib. But exactly what else do you need, and how do you go about choosing them? Here, we’ve shared our top tips for decorating and furnishing your little one’s nursery, so you can enjoy the nesting process.

Light and darkness

Your baby is already starting to learn that night-time is for sleeping, and that daytime is for being awake. That means, if you want to have any chance of getting your little one to sleep through the night, you need to keep the room dark and free from natural daylight. So, a pair of good blackout curtains or blinds is essential. If you can control the level of light in their nursery, it will be much easier for your baby to adapt to a sleep routine in the evenings. And, not only will this help them to settle at night, but if you can effectively blackout light during the day, then it will help your baby to nap during the daylight hours, too.

Have everything in reach of the changing table

A good portion of the time during your baby’s first months is going to be spent at the changing table, so it will help if you’ve got all the supplies you need close to hand. Go for a table with built in storage, and, if possible, mount some shelves overhead where you can store nappies, wipes and everything else you need in baskets.

A crib and rocker

Once your baby is ready to move out of their first cradle or Moses basket, they’ll need a cot. Your baby’s crib will be the heart of your nursery, so choose wisely and don’t be afraid to prioritise your spending on this. Features like an adjustable mattress height can make it easier to pick up and put your baby down. If you plan to grow your family, then it makes sense to invest in a gender-neutral cot which you can use again for any future siblings, too.

While the cot is important, you’ll also need to invest in furniture that your baby can start to use as they grow. A rocker or bouncer will give them a chance to exercise and develop their muscles before they move on to crawling, and it will help to keep them happy and stimulated while you get on which some chores.

A place to cuddle up

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your baby’s nursery during the first year of their life, and a lot of this time will be spent feeding, rocking, soothing, and cuddling your little one. So, it only makes sense to furnish your nursery with a comfy chair or sofa where you can rest during feeds. Rocking chairs are very popular, as the movement can help soothe a restless baby. Armrests are also helpful, as they’ll give you a place to rest your arms while you hold your baby. You could even go for a bean bag: these are super comfortable, and they’ll be a great addition to your little one’s bedroom when they get older.

Think washable

As with anything that comes into close contact with your newborn, you want your furniture and décor to be washable wherever possible. This is especially important around the changing table — you’d be surprised at just how often you need to clean the walls near this area! So, always go for a washable paint or wallpaper. The same goes for carpets and rugs: those plush, expensive cream-coloured styles might seem like a good idea now, but it’s not going to be worth it if you can’t easily clean up the little messes and accidents that are inevitable with a baby.

Minimise clutter

The last thing you want when you have a new baby is to be tripping over your own clutter. You’ll likely be carrying your baby in and out of the room in the dark as they sleep, so it’s important that the floor is clear and you can move safely to and from their crib. So, when designing your nursery, be sure to include lots of storage to keep everything neat and tidy. If you’re short on space, an over door organiser can come in handy for storing nappies, clothes, and other bits and bobs that you may need to grab in a hurry to put in your changing bag.

Include personal touches and artwork

Both you and your baby are going to spend a lot of time together in their new nursery, so you should be sure to make it feel like home. That means decorating in a style that feels true to your family, and including lots of artwork. A mobile over the cot, changing table, or nursing chair will provide some visual stimulation for your baby, as well as a pop of colour and decoration for you. If you already have a little one, then encourage them to produce some artwork to welcome their new sibling into the nursery.

Preparing your nursery for your new arrival can seem overwhelming, but as long as you pick a cot, nursing chair, and changing table with care, and remember to include plenty of storage, you can’t go wrong. Decorating your baby’s nursery is all part of the nesting process, so be sure to include a few personal touches, too.


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