What You Need on Your Newborn Baby Shopping List

  • by James Robinson

30 New Baby Essentials

1) Baby Clothes

Sleepsuits, vests, socks and some woolly cardigans should be at the top of your newborn baby shopping list. Just buy plain, simple baby clothes that unbutton at the front, because babies don’t like things being pulled over their head!

2) Hats and Mittens

If your baby’s due in winter, they’ll need to wear a woolly hat and mittens when it’s chilly. If you’re having a summer baby, make sure to add a sun hat to your new baby essentials. With the unpredictable British weather, it’s best to buy both types of hat and mittens before your little one’s born, just to make sure you’re ready.

3) Bed for Baby

Whether you opt for a Moses basket, crib or portable cot, you’ll need something for your baby to sleep in. It’s advised newborn babies stay with you in the same room for six months.

4) New Baby Bedding

On your newborn baby shopping list, you must have a new mattress and sheets for your little one to sleep on. Used baby bedding can carry germs or might have indentations from the previous child. You don’t need pillows or a duvet as they’re not safe for tiny babies.

5) Light Blanket

Add a light blanket to your newborn baby shopping list to keep your little one warm in the winter months. Make sure to keep the blanket tucked below your baby’s shoulders when they're sleeping.

6) Pram or Pushchair

When you want to head out on baby’s first day out, you’ll need some kind of travel system. Test different prams and pushchairs out with your partner to find one that suits best.

7) Baby Changing Bag

Even if you’re just taking a short trip to the supermarket with your new baby, you’ll need a good quality baby changing bag. With lots of space and extra pockets, baby changing bags are ideal for getting out and about and should be one of the top items on your newborn baby shopping list.

8) Car Seat

It’s illegal to drive if your baby's not in a car seat, even when you’re bringing them home for the first time. Make sure to a new car seat in place before you go to hospital.

9) Baby Bottles

If your partner’s going to help with feeding your baby, you can store expressed milk in baby bottles. Expressed milk will last for four days in a fridge at 4°C and up to six months in the freezer.

10) Baby Bottle Brush

You don’t need a fancy steriliser to keep your baby bottles clean. Just wash them in hot, soapy water using a baby bottle brush.

11) Breast Pads

Many new mums face their breasts leaking between feeds. Pop breast pads on your newborn baby checklist to keep your clothes dry.

12) Formula

If you’re not breastfeeding, you’ll need to add formula to your newborn baby shopping list. Generally, babies need 150-200ml per kilo of their weight per day until they’re six months old.

13) Nappies

Nappies, nappies and more nappies need to be on your newborn baby checklist. You’ll probably use around 12 nappies per day in the early stages, so even if you don’t know how to change a nappy, you’ll quickly learn!

14) Nappy Bags

After changing your newborn, you’ll need somewhere to store their dirty nappy. Make sure to stock up on lots of disposable nappy bags.

15) Baby Wipes

Another one of the new baby essentials at the top of your newborn baby shopping list should be baby wipes. During nappy changes, you need to get your baby completely clean. Baby wipes are ideal for gently cleaning your newborn’s bottom.

16) Nappy Rash Cream

Newborn babies are vulnerable to redness and soreness because they wear a nappy all the time. Make sure to have nappy rash cream on your newborn baby shopping list to treat and protect sensitive skin.

17) Changing Mat

Save yourself washing 12 towels a day and add a baby changing mat to your new baby essentials. With wipeable surfaces, changing mats are much easier to clean and are really helpful for a busy new mum.

18) Cotton Wool

You don’t need an expensive baby bath or special towels to bathe your baby. Just dip cotton wool in warm water for a ‘top and tail’ wash, then carefully dry your newborn with a clean towel.

19) Room Thermometer

Newborn babies shouldn’t sleep anywhere that’s too hot. Use a room thermometer to check – around 18°C is the best temperature for you and your baby to sleep comfortably.

20) Muslin Squares

Muslin squares are going to be one of the number one items on your newborn baby shopping list if you want to avoid a sicky shoulder. Lots of babies suffer from acid reflux, which can be a problem when you wind your newborn after a feed. Protect your clothing with muslin squares. You can also use them for wiping away dribbles and mopping up milky spills!

New Baby Extras

While we’ve covered all the new baby essentials, there are a few extras that are just good to have. If you’re still within your baby budget, there are some additional items for your newborn baby shopping list you might find very useful.

21) Baby Rocker

Baby rockers are a great newborn sleep solution if your new baby struggles to relax. Cuddling your baby and swaying them to sleep can get quite tiring on your arms, but a baby rocker is ideal when you need a break.

22) Sling

When you’re out and about, you might prefer to ‘wear’ your baby in a sling. While this keeps your hands free, a sling seems to be less practical than a pram or pushchair. For instance, if you’re going to the supermarket, you can store your shopping bags underneath the pram. If you’re wearing a sling, you’ll need to carry all the bags and your baby, which isn’t realistic if you need to do the big shop.

23) Bath Thermometer

You can manage without a bath thermometer by dipping your elbow into the water. If the bath feels the same as your body temperature, it’s safe for your baby. But if you want to be really sure, add a bath thermometer onto your newborn baby shopping list.

24) Breast Pump

Unfortunately, you probably won’t know if a breast pump is essential until your baby’s already arrived. In the first few weeks, you might feel too tired to pump and won’t need to express any more milk than necessary. However, you also could suffer from engorgement (where your breasts are too full), which a breast pump can help with. The decision is up to you.

25) High Chair

You don’t need it yet, but a high chair will sooner or later become one of your new baby essentials. Babies will be sitting up on their own and eating solid food at around six months and need a high chair for feeding time. So this one doesn’t have to be ticked off your newborn baby checklist just yet – but it will eventually!

26) Baby Hair Brush

Some babies are born with a full head of hair that can get very tangled. But even if your newborn doesn’t have a lot of hair, a baby hair brush can feel relaxing and massaging against their head.

27) Hand Sanitiser

If you’re planning on lots of trips out with your baby, alcohol-free hand sanitiser should be on your newborn baby shopping list. But while you’re in the house, you can just wash your hands in hot soapy water to keep clean around your baby.

28) Baby Monitor

Newborn babies should sleep the same room as you for the first six months. But when you establish a baby routine, you might start leaving your little one alone for short periods of time. Add a baby monitor to your list of new baby essentials for the later months to listen out for any noise.

29) Baby Nail Clippers

Newborn baby nails grow fast, and they’re sharp too! Stop your baby from scratching themselves with special nail clippers designed for infants. You can just use normal nail scissors instead – just make sure one of them is on your newborn baby checklist.

30) Cute Outfit

Okay, so it’s not a necessity. But we don’t know any mums-to-be that can’t resist at least one little dress or a sweet slogan t-shirt. One cute outfit won’t hurt, so pop it on your newborn baby shopping list and give yourself a break from buying huge bundles of nappies!


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