15 New Dad Gifts He’ll Really Love

  • by James Robinson

While a new baby is already the perfect present, you can always give dad some extra love with a special gift. Whether it’s for Christmas, Father’s Day, or just because, check out our favourite presents for new dads.

15 Present Ideas for New Dads

1) Camera

A new dad will no doubt want to take lots of pictures of their little one. That's why a camera is the perfect present for capturing all those special moments. Try to find one with a good shutter speed, as wriggly babies don’t stay in the same position for long!

2) Mug

Who doesn’t like a good cup of tea in the morning? With a personalised parent mug, dad can get a little reminder of his new son or daughter every single day. It’s great for taking back to the office, too.

3) Matching T-Shirts

Daddy bear, baby bear. Big man, mini man. Or something as simple as father and son. You can find lots of logo t-shirts in little and large sizes, so dad and baby can go out wearing a matching set. They’ll look like the perfect pair on baby’s first day out.

4) Changing Backpack

A changing bag isn’t something you’d normally expect dad to be carrying – after all, aren’t they just handbags? But why should mum carry everything? That’s why a changing backpack is one of the best new dad gifts that works for both parents! A unisex style with all the right features, changing backpacks are ideal for dads.

5) Photo Keyring

Every time dad opens the door or locks the car, he can get a glimpse of his tiny tot with a photo keyring. Simple but totally cute, this is one of our favourite new dad gifts that works before your baby arrives, too. Why not pop a scan photo in a keyring, so dad can look at baby before he’s even born?

6) Coffee Machine

It’s no secret that you’ll face some late nights and early mornings with a new baby. So, one of the best presents for new dads has to be a coffee machine. It’s ideal for keeping him a little more alert after all the late-night feeds.

7) Boxsets

Mum’s taking a nap and dad’s been left in charge. But what happens when baby’s sleeping too and you need to keep a close eye on him? The answer is boxsets. Dad can watch a few of his favourite films or TV shows while looking after baby, giving mum a chance to get some well-deserved rest!

8) Pushchair

Lots of pushchairs out there aren’t exactly designed with dad in mind. Think pink, frilly styles that many men won’t want to push around the local park. So, if you’re looking for a stroller for dad, try neutral styles that he’ll feel comfortable with.

9) Emergency Supplies Hamper

It’s three in the morning, it’s dad’s turn to get up – but disaster strikes! You’re out of nappies and baby’s had an explosion. Give him an emergency supplies hamper filled with newborn essentials, like nappies and muslin cloths, so dad always has the right equipment to tackle those nightly wake-ups. You also might want to throw in some quick sustenance for dad too, like nuts or granola bars.

10) Baby Sports Shirt

Most dads have a favourite sports team. Whether they’re a die-hard footie fan or love staying up late to watch the NFL, baby can be part of the team with a mini sports shirt. It’s the perfect present for game-loving dads. You could even get a few sizes up for when baby’s old enough to join in!

11) Slow Cooker

Ten minutes prep, then dad can go about his day, knowing he can come back to a tasty, hot dinner – only with a slow cooker. This is one of the most useful new dad gifts you can buy, because it means mum and dad can have a family meal after a long day.

12) Baby Bouncer

Papa and baby can have some fun with our springiest of new dad gifts! A baby bouncer is great for playtime. What's more ,you can find designs with their own toy bar for extra amusement.

13) Socks

A stylish set of new dad socks might be one of our simplest gift ideas, but they’ll probably get used the most! After all, who doesn’t need socks? Plus, with a personalised pair of socks, dad can remind himself of his new baby duties every time he pops them on.

14) Beer Glass

Personalised presents are a hit on our list of new dad gifts, just like a custom beer glass. When dad’s chilling out, he can enjoy his favourite tipple with a special glass made just for him.

15) Pizza

Bringing a few healthy casserole dishes over for a new family is always a good idea, because no one has time for cooking with an infant. But sometimes, you just need pizza. Surprise dad with a cheese-filled takeaway to keep him going through those sleepless nights!


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