8 Places to Take Your Baby Bag

  • by James Robinson

Most of the time, you’ll probably need your baby bag for carrying all the standard baby gear. But do you know many uses your bag could have? We look at the top eight places to use a baby bag – with or without your little one!

8 Places to Take Your Baby Bag

1) Hospital

Why not use it to carry everything you might need for labour? When ticking off your hospital bag checklist, you’ll realise you need to bring a lot of stuff!

Maternity clothes for you, some sleepwear for your newborn, plus all your toiletries – that’s a lot to fit in your small handbag. But with plenty room and lots of pockets, baby bags are ideal to take to hospital before you give birth. Don’t forget to leave space for snacks!

2) Park

When you and your newborn come home from hospital, you’ll both need a bit of a break. But that doesn’t mean you’ll need to stay completely housebound. Whether you choose to stay home for one day or one month, you’ll eventually want to get ready for baby’s first day out.

The park is a great choice for your little one’s first adventure. But even if you’re just out for a twenty-minute stroll, bring your baby bag in case your little one needs anything during the journey.

3) Supermarket

If you’re just grabbing a few bits and bobs from the supermarket, bring your baby bag. It’ll make carrying milk and bread much easier, especially if you’re wearing a baby changing backpack. The two straps will help alleviate the weight of your shopping and can reduce back pain. Plus, you’ll save 10p on a carrier bag!

Even if you’re doing a big weekly shop with your newborn, you can still bring your baby bag along. Use it to store all your baby necessities just in case your little one needs changing while you browse the aisles. Check out the BabaBing! Mani Backpack Changing Bag for a baby bag rucksack that ticks all the boxes.

4) Beach

British summers aren’t exactly packed with sunshine. But on the few days we get good weather, there’s only one place to go – the beach! It’s safe to take your little one to the seaside, as long as they’re kept out of direct sunlight. Make sure to apply sun cream and use a sunhat to keep your baby completely covered.

We know what you’re thinking. Your expensive handbag won’t mix with sand and sticky ice cream. Take a baby bag instead – they’re really easy to clean. Even if you hit the hot dog van and have a ketchup-mustard disaster, you can just wipe down your baby bag to make it good as new.

5) Special Occasions

Big birthdays, weddings, anniversaries – there’s always some kind of special occasion just around the corner. And though you’re probably exhausted and worn out from motherhood, you might still want to join the party (even if it’s just to grab a piece of cake).

No new mum is expected to dress up. Loose t-shirts and leggings are your best friends after giving birth. But what you can do is bring a stylish baby bag that’ll make you look like a real fashionista, even if you don’t feel like one!

6) Shopping Centre

Hit the high street and grab a latte from your favourite coffee shop, all while carrying your baby bag. With parent-friendly pockets for your purse, cards, cash, keys and phone, you can carry your own essentials as well as your baby’s.

7) Holidays

Sorting passports, checking in online, printing boarding passes – going on holiday can be stressful! If you’re jetting off with your little one, there is one thing you can tick off your to-do list: finding a travel bag. As long as it fits your airline’s weight and size restrictions, just use your baby bag as hand luggage. A baby bag has lots of compartments for passports and other important documents. Plus, some have special insulated bottle pockets to carry milk – you’re allowed up to 2,000ml in your hand luggage.

8) Work

If you’re thinking about going back to work after your maternity leave finishes, you don’t need to splash out on a new bag. Replace nappy rash cream with an up to date diary, swap baby bottles for a shiny new pen and trade soft toys for your laptop. When you waltz back into the office, no one will be able to tell your stylish work bag is in fact your baby bag. The BabaBing! Harvey Tote is the perfect choice if you need something that’s both practical and chic!

Browse the fantastic collection of baby changing bags from BabaBing! and see how you can use your baby bag anywhere, anytime. From fashionable tote changing bags to classic shoulder changing bags, we have a brilliant selection to choose from in a variety of neutral colours and family-friendly designs. Check them out now!


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