What NOT to Pack in Your Nappy Bag

  • by James Robinson

Knowing what to pack in your nappy bag is hard enough. You might have fed and changed your little one 10 minutes before you left the house. It doesn’t matter – babies are very unpredictable. You can never know what might happen!

So, you’re already carrying a lot. Adding in a bunch of unnecessary (and heavy) infant equipment will only weigh you down. As well as taking up extra room, you can avoid the additional expensive of extra baby junk. The cost of having a baby is enough already!

So to help new parents save space and money, we’ve put together our top 8 things you definitely DON’T need in your nappy bag.

8 Things You Don’t Need in Your Nappy Bag

1) Breastfeeding Cape

We’re all for breastfeeding in public. Just because you want to take a walk in the park with your little one doesn’t mean they have to go hungry.

Lots of new mums want to be discreet when nursing in public. But you don’t need a special breastfeeding cape to cover up. It’ll just take up precious space in your nappy bag.

You could just wear a longer top or bring an oversized scarf. Or if you want some extra cover, wrap yourself in a blanket – you should be carrying one anyway in case your baby gets cold.

They’re expensive too. A breastfeeding cape could set you back over £100 for what’s basically a giant t-shirt!

2) Wipe Warmer

Wipe warmers are small portable devices designed to keep your baby wipes (or wash cloths) at a warm temperature. In theory, that sounds good – no one likes a cold bottom!

But in reality, a wipe warmer just isn’t very practical. Baby wipes can dry out faster due to the heat and usually need to be replaced after a day or so. Plus, warming up your baby wipes could make a minefield of bacteria and germs.

Wipe warmers can’t always hold much either. You might need to keep extra wipes in a separate plastic pouch. This kind of defeats the point when trying to minimise space in your baby changing bag. You need all the room you can get!

A wipe warmer will only weigh your nappy bag down – so it’s a no from us.

3) Wee Wee Cover

A wee wee cover, a pee pee pyramid or an anti-tinkle tipi – there are lots of crazy names for this baby invention. Call it whatever you like, but we really don’t think you need one in your nappy bag.

A wee wee cover is a small cone-shaped creation designed to cover up your little one when they need changing. While no one likes being splashed (or drenched!) with their baby’s wee, there are plenty of simpler solutions to avoid getting sprinkled on.

If you are worried about any sudden streams, just use a baby wipe as a cover up. You should already have wipes in your changing bag, so there’s no need for a wee wee cover to take up any more room.

4) Baby Shoes

Babies can’t walk. They don’t wear shoes! While they might look cute, it’s very likely your little one will end up kicking off their tiny footwear.

On the off chance you manage to catch your baby in the act and rescue the abandoned shoe, you’ll just have to carry them in your nappy bag. So just don’t buy them – problem solved!

5) Dummy Wipes

Just like baby shoes, dummies will mysteriously disappear!

Mums eventually get used to their little one losing their dummy on days out. That’s why special dummy wipes are a waste of space in your nappy bag, because you might never use them. They can also be pricey and dry out very quickly!

Carry extra dummies in your bag instead. Some changing bags even have unique dummy hangers to make sure you never lose your spares.

If you see your baby drop their dummy, you can always take it home and simply sterilise it with boiling water.

6) Baby Timer

A baby timer is an electronic gadget designed to help parents with baby care. You can use them to record how long it’s been since you last took care of your little one’s needs.

For example, parents can time when their baby was last fed and changed, or when they last slept.

But when your baby needs feeding, they’ll let you know. When they feel sleepy, they’ll let you know. We’re also pretty sure your nose will tell you when your baby has a dirty nappy!

Don’t force a baby timer into your nappy bag when you simply don’t need to. If you are worried about keeping track of your newborn’s schedule, use a pen and paper – they’ll cost a lot less.

7) Expensive Muslins

Pretty patterns, rich cotton, a designer label… Looks nice, right? But guess what doesn’t look nice – when your baby muslin’s covered the aftermath of a milky burp!

Expensive muslins have no place in your nappy bag. These cloths can be used to catch dribbles, clean up spills, absorb sick, or for wiping up food when your baby gets older. Mums can even use them as emergency breast pads.

The point is, muslins are going to get messed up. Leave those overpriced flannels out of your changing bag.

8) Shopping Trolley Cover

A shopping trolley cover is an oversized fabric-covered seat designed to cover up your cart. Shopping trolleys are full of germs and covers are a good idea to prevent your baby touching sticky and dirty surfaces.

However, trolley covers are usually very large and bulky. They’re so big they come in their own self-contained pouch, which wouldn’t fit in your nappy bag anyway.

That means you need to carry two bags before you’ve even started food shopping! Instead, cover up your baby’s trolley seat with a blanket. They’re much smaller, do the same job and can be easily washed once you get home.

Packing your nappy bag is hard enough. Buy finding the right style for you and your family doesn’t have to be difficult with BabaBing!

We have a fantastic selection of nappy bags in a choice of neutral colours and designs. Each changing bag is practical, with lots of pockets and extra features. You can carry everything you need (and leave out the junk you don’t). Although, we can’t promise you won’t be spoilt for choice!


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