Baby Activities to Play With 0-6 Month Olds

  • by Richard Brigg

Luckily, there are many everyday newborn activities that are really simple to do. We’ve put together our favourite 0-6 months baby activities, which can mostly be done at home.

15 Baby Activities for 0-6 Months

1) Tummy Time

Tummy time is one of the most important baby activities for helping their development and building their upper body strength. From around three months, you can lie your baby on their stomach for a few minutes at a time. Watch as your baby uses their back and shoulder muscles to reach out for toys and get a good look at the world. Always oversee tummy time, and make sure your baby is awake and alert.

2) Baby Bouncer

When your baby wants to play, a baby bouncer is a great activity that can make lots of giggles. Most babies love the springy motion of a baby bouncer. Some even come with extra toy bars to make bouncy playtime even more exciting.

3) Music

Most babies love listening to music. But listening to new tunes isn’t just a fun experience. Music is thought to assist your baby’s brain development and encourages them to learn language and sounds.

4) Mirrors

One of the simplest newborn activities is showing your baby their reflection. Most 0-6 months old babies like to look at new faces – including their own. Let your little one explore their reflection by holding them up against a mirror.

5) Water

Any baby activities which involve water are sure to get some giggles from your little one. Splash around in the tub with your baby – you’ll save time on washing! Or you could just fill up a shallow, plastic bowl for your baby to dip their hands in.

6) Reading

Reading might not seem like one of the obvious 0-6 months baby activities, because your baby won’t understand the stories just yet. But you can start reading to babies right from birth, as the words and sounds can help their development. Picture books are also great for newborn babies, especially those with touchy-feely pages.

7) Baby Rocker

Lots of babies love the soothing feeling of being rocked in your arms. But swaying your baby can get very tiring, which is why a baby rocker is perfect for relaxing your little one. As a result, baby rockers are one of the top 0-6 months baby activities for helping your infant drift off to sleep.

8) Funny Faces

Another one of the easiest baby activities is making funny faces. But making faces won’t just bring lots of smiles and laughter. It can also help your baby’s visual and social development as they begin to learn how we communicate with our facial expressions.

9) Rattles

Rattles can be one of the most entertaining newborn activities that’s great for their listening development. Babies like hearing new sounds and a rattle will really grab their attention. You might find your baby will turn their head to look for the noise after using the rattle a few times.

10) Swimming

Swimming can be one of the most valuable 0-6 months baby activities, because it can help to build your baby’s muscles and coordination as they splash around in the water. Also, it’s a great family-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy.

11) Singing

Singing a lullaby to your baby is a great way to help them relax, because the rhythm of your soothing song can make babies feel calm. As a result, lullabies are the ideal baby sleep solution.

12) Garden

Because you might not quite be ready for baby’s first day out, why not take a trip into the garden instead? There are lots of 0-6 months baby activities you can enjoy outside. Show your little one brightly-coloured flowers and let them explore the feeling of grass. Just make sure your baby’s dressed for the weather and covered from direct sunlight.

13) Mini Sit Ups

From around 3 months, you might notice your infant start their own baby activity – mini sit ups! These tiny crunches help build your baby’s muscles so they can eventually sit up independently.

14) Massage

Another thing you can do to relax your baby is a gentle massage, one of the most calming newborn activities. If your baby’s upset, you can try to comfort them by softly stroking their body. Also, don’t use any oil until your baby’s more than a month old, as this can damage their sensitive skin.

15) Grasping

Grasping is one of the milestones your baby will discover quite early on. It might start out with a slight clutching onto your finger. But one of the developmental baby activities you can encourage is grasping onto other objects. Give your baby small toys to hold (even if he or she drops it right away) to help their coordination.

16) Sounds

You don’t need to spend a lot to entertain your baby. One of the cheapest baby activities is making sounds to develop their listening skills. You’ll probably find lots of things around the house which make interesting noises. Try scrunching up tin foil, blowing bubbles from a glass of water or tapping two spoons together and see how your baby reacts to the noise.

17) Baby Mobile

A baby mobile could either excite or relax your baby. Each infant is different and will respond differently to the visual stimulation. A mobile can be very useful for sleep or play, but you’ll just have to see which way it works out!

18) Sensory Classes

Sensory classes are designed to progress your baby’s development. Your infant can discover new ways to play, like light displays, bubbles, puppets or music shows. But sensory baby activities aren’t just fun for your little one. You can also use them to socialise and meet other new parents.

19) Peek-a-Boo

You might know it as ‘where’s the baby’ or ‘hidey-boo,’ but the common peek-a-boo game is more than a fun baby activity. It’s suggested that peek-a-boo can assist your baby’s brain development as they watch you ‘disappear’ then come right back again.

20) Cuddling

When your little one’s tired of all their baby activities, it’s time take a break from the fun and games. Cuddling can significantly strengthen you and your baby’s bond, and is the perfect way to end a day full of excitement.

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