Choosing the Best Pushchair for Your Newborn

  • by James Robinson

But with so many different designs out there, how can you decide which is the best pushchair for you and your infant? We investigate the important details you need to look out for and discover how having a great pushchair can make family life simple.

Deciding on the Best Pushchair for You & Baby

Helps with Reflux

Many first-time mums choose a pram for their newborn, then upgrade to a pushchair as their baby gets older. Prams are normally designed to stay in one position, so your little one will lie flat. Lying flat is recommended for healthy development, but this might not be a good idea if your baby has reflux.

It’s very common for young babies to feel queasy when lying down after a feed. This can often cause newborns to spit up milk or get hiccups! So, when you’re looking for the best pushchair, you might want to avoid a completely lie-flat system, in case it makes your baby uncomfortable. Choose a pushchair with adjustable settings, where you can change the incline depending on your infant’s mood – upright after dinner, then flat when it’s time for a snooze.

Keeps Baby Both Cool and Cosy

Wind and rain in June, then blazing sunshine in October? With the ever-changing British temperatures, it’s hard to decide how many layers your little one will need. Though, it is really important your tot doesn’t get too hot or too cold, so how can your pushchair help?

First, you should make sure to choose a pushchair with plenty of ventilation, so your baby can enjoy the fresh air on trips out. An improved air flow can cool your newborn down during hot summer days. In addition, the best pushchair will have soft, breathable fabric to help regulate your baby’s temperature.

Good Coverage, Whatever the Weather

As winter approaches, the thought of going outdoors in the cold doesn’t seem like a fun one. But it’s good for both you and your baby to take a daily walk, even if it’s just for ten minutes. That’s why you must always look for a pushchair with suitable, all-weather coverage.

Rain covers are first up. The best pushchair will come with detachable rain covers, so you’re never caught off guard in sudden showers. Just remember an umbrella for yourself! Then, because baby sun safety is essential, choose a pushchair with a removeable sun visor for the brighter months.

Unisex Design

Thinking of buying that pale pink pushchair? You might want to think again! The best pushchair will come in a unisex design so both mum and dad can feel comfortable on baby days out. Consider dark colours like black – they’re less likely to look dirty, too!

Easy to Clean

Speaking of dirt, you’re sure to encounter some mucky messes on your pushchair. If you regularly take trips to outdoor places like the park or the beach, mud and grass stains are likely to surface. Plus, newborns with reflux could leave a few milky marks behind. And don’t forget weaned babies who might smear some sticky banana into their blanket when you’re not looking! You get the picture – pushchairs can get very dirty.

So, when choosing the best pushchair for your newborn, consider how easy it is to clean. Does it have wipeable wheels and parts? Can the lining be washed? Make sure to check these factors out before you go ahead.

Sizeable Shopping Basket

The best pushchair will make room for all your shopping bags! In the early days, you probably won’t want to travel too far with your newborn. Your walks will usually involve wandering to the high street for a coffee (and cake) or nipping to the supermarket for a top-up of milk and bread. But if there’s shopping involved, there’s probably going to be a few carrier bags coming your way too. So, when buying a pushchair, pick one which has a sizeable shopping basket underneath to carry your bits and bobs – then you don’t have to!

Comes with Everything You Need

Staying on top of things as a first-time parent is a challenge. All of a sudden, you’re responsible for a tiny person who can’t do anything for themselves – that means buying all their stuff. But you don’t need to stress about which cot or which car seat to buy if you choose a travel system pushchair that combines all three.

The brand-new BabaBing! Raffi Pushchair is a handy baby travel system which is also a carrycot and a car seat. Simply remove the bassinet and adjust as required, giving you three pieces of baby gear in one! You can find out more about our Raffi here.

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