Buying Christmas Gifts for New Parents

  • by James Robinson

Looking for the perfect holiday present can be difficult – and if you have friends or family with a new arrival, you’ll no doubt want to find an amazing baby’s first Christmas gift.

It’s tempting to buy lots of Christmas gifts for new parents they won’t really need. While sentimental and personalised pressies are a lovely touch, it’s a good idea to give new mums and dads something practical too. That’s why we’ve put together a list of useful and affordable baby Christmas presents for parents that work all year round.

Forget those gem-encrusted baby shoes or that designer sleepsuit (which will likely end up covered in baby spit-up). Choose some of the best gifts for new parents and really wow them this Christmas!

Practical Baby Christmas Present Ideas for New Parents

1) Baby Changing Bags

Baby changing bags are one of the most valuable items a new parent needs. Carrying around all the baby basics (trust us, there’s a lot) is really difficult with a regular handbag. Formula bottles, nappies, wipes – when it all adds up, baby essentials are heavy, unwieldy and a downright pain to transport!

When choosing the best changing bag for baby’s first Christmas, make sure to look out for these key features:

· A changing mat
A good changing bag will come with an integrated changing mat, so you can have peace of mind when taking little ones out in public. When mums and dads head off to the high street or go for a walk in the park, a changing bag and mat combination gives them a safe space to hygienically change their baby’s nappy.

· Wipe-clean surfaces

Taking a baby anywhere means you’ll be followed by some unescapable messes! If you’re looking for baby Christmas presents for new mums and dads, give them a changing bag that’s easy to clean. Wipe-clean surfaces and washable bags will be a new parent’s best friend when they face predictable baby spillages and little accidents.

· Lots of pockets

A normal handbag just won’t do – they don’t have enough pockets! Baby bags come with a variety of pouches on the inside and the outside to carry everything mum or dad might need. Some changing bags even have a special insulated compartment to hold a baby bottle for on-the-go feeding.

There’s plenty of neutral designs out there too, so this isn’t just a present for new mums – dads can wear baby changing bags too. That’s why they’re such a versatile and practical Christmas gift for new parents and will be really appreciated.

2) Baby Bouncers and Rockers

When you’re buying Christmas presents for mums and dads, give them a break and buy them a baby bouncer or rocker. It’s another brilliant gift idea because they can give new parents a moment to themselves.

Baby bouncers are perfect for playtime, keeping infants happy and giggly as they enjoy the fun springy movement. You can also find baby rockers that soothe and calm babies, with the gentle swaying motion helping them doze off.

Useful Christmas presents for parents are hard to come by, but baby bouncers and rockers are incredibly valuable when mum or dad needs to answer the door or make a quick cup of tea. There are lots of affordable designs available, and some come with extra accessories like vibration modes and toy bars.

Add a baby bouncer or rocker onto your shopping list this year and give one of the best gifts for new parents. There are lots of age ranges available, starting as young as birth.

3) Baby High Chair

Lots of new parents forget they need a baby high chair because they won’t need to use it in the first few months after birth. But when their infant’s aged between four-six months, a feeding chair will be essential for making mealtimes simple.

A high chair is one of the best Christmas presents for newborns, because mum and dad might have forgotten to buy one already. Although they might not need it right now, they certainly will in just a few months’ time.

If you’re looking for a really great baby high chair, choose an adaptable design that can be used over and over again. You can find feeding chairs with detachable trays, transforming a baby high chair into a stylish adult seat. Parents will love this for baby’s first Christmas, because you’re actually giving them a lifetime gift that will always stay in the family.

Finding the perfect Christmas presents for new mums and dads doesn’t have to be a challenge this year. BabaBing! has a huge selection of high-quality, stylish and practical baby products, including our award-winning changing bags, baby bouncers, high chairs and more, always offered at the most affordable prices.

Make their festive celebrations really special with baby Christmas presents that are perfect for new parents and parents-to-be. Shop online today and get free delivery, 365 day returns and outstanding customers service, only at BabaBing!


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