Why Your Baby Needs a Newborn Bouncer

  • by James Robinson

We can already guess why so many parents love having a baby bouncer from birth. But what’s in it for our tiny tots? We explore our top five reasons why a newborn bouncer can work for your baby.

5 Reasons a Newborn Bouncer Can Work for Your Baby

1) Feels like the Womb

Being born probably feels like a huge shock for most babies! They’ve been used to the cosiness of mum’s womb for nine months, and now they’re suddenly out in the big wide world. It’s a big change that might make your baby feel very surprised or even frightened, which is why they need your love and care.

However, you can recreate the feeling of being in the womb with a newborn bouncer. A baby bouncer from birth can imitate the sounds and sensations felt by babies in the womb.

First, the sounds. We might feel the need to tiptoe around new babies, but in fact they’re used to a lot of noise. Babies can hear many sounds when they’re inside the womb, like your heart beating or your blood pumping. A newborn bouncer has a similar, rhythmic vibration that can help your baby relax.

Next, the sensations. Developing babies are surrounded by amniotic fluid in the womb. We imagine lying around in all that fluid must feel a ship at sea, floating back and forth over the waves. Sounds peaceful, doesn’t it? But if your baby misses that rocking sensation, a newborn bouncer can help to replicate it with its gentle swaying movements.

2) Exercise and Activity

While we’re not expecting your baby to take on a triathlon, all babies need a little exercise. It’s very important for their development. Baby activities help to grow their tiny muscles, as well as building their gross and fine motor skills. It’s also thought that strong and healthy babies who engage in daily baby exercises are more likely to have improved social abilities. Plus, it can really strengthen the bond between parent and baby.

A newborn bouncer is a fun way to get your baby moving. All that wiggling and giggling is great for keeping your newborn active – just keep the bouncing to a maximum of 20 minutes at a time.

3) Toy Time

Toys can be really useful for your baby’s development too, improving their social, cognitive and grasping abilities right from birth. In the early stages, most babies just like to look or feel new things – they’re very inquisitive. That’s why a newborn bouncer with toys is perfect for satisfying your baby’s curiosity.

When choosing a baby bouncer from birth, look for one with toys that will help your baby’s development. Remember, your little one only really wants to look and feel in their first few months.

First, find a newborn bouncer that comes with colourful toys. New babies can’t focus very well, so bright colours and entertaining patterns are a must for catching their attention. Then, look for one with a toy bar, so the toys can hang down in front of your newborn’s line of sight. Your baby might try to reach out and grab their toys – this is known as grasping, a major baby milestone! The BabaBing! LoBo2 Baby Bouncer is a great choice if you’re looking to have fun toy time with your baby.

4) Play Anywhere, Anytime

A baby bouncer from birth is portable, meaning your baby can have fun anywhere, anytime. You can use swings and play pens, but they usually are too large or fixed into your home, so can’t travel with you. But what happens when you want to go to granny’s house or on a family day out?

A newborn bouncer should be lightweight and easy to carry, so you can bring it with you wherever you go. That way, your baby never has to be without their bouncy chair!

5) It’s Fun!

Most importantly, a newborn bouncer can be great for your baby because it’s a lot of fun! The jiggly motion is sure to excite energetic babies and make lots of laughs and smiles. Additionally, playing with your baby is one of the best ways to form a strong bond, and it helps your little one learn more about the world. Why not try out a newborn bouncer and see how much your baby likes it?

A newborn bouncer can work really well for your baby for lots of ways. But with easy-to-clean fabrics and a great price, we think mum will love it too!

BabaBing! has a brilliant choice of baby bouncers in a variety of cool, neutral colours to fit in perfectly with your home décor. Check them out today and find our affordable newborn bouncer range that little ones can enjoy right from birth!


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