Spring into Action with the BabaBing! LoBo 2 Baby Bouncer

  • by James Robinson

This updated BabaBing! baby bouncer is our latest version of the original LoBo. Although it was hard to beat, we’re pleased to say this design’s even better than the last one.

But what does a baby bouncer do? First, babies love the movement, whether they’re springing back and forth at playtime or enjoying a gentle bounce as they drift off to sleep.

A bouncer is also very helpful for when mum needs a quick baby-free moment. For example, if you need to step in the shower, you can pop your little one in their bouncer. Then you can keep baby right beside you on the bathroom floor while you have a quick scrub.

So baby and mum both love their bouncer. The next step is choosing the best one. But when there are so many styles available, how do you decide?

To make things easier, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve looked at the top features of the BabaBing! LoBo 2 to discover what this baby bouncer’s all about.

BabaBing! LoBo 2 In a Nutshell

· Dual-purpose seat
· Smooth motion
· Secure 5-point harness
· Washable and wipeable
· Comfortable
· Removeable toy bar
· Neutral style

Plus there’s the other important stuff:

· The LoBo2 baby bouncer is suitable for children aged 0-6 months
· Youngsters who can sit up independently shouldn’t use the LoBo2
· Designed to support a maximum weight of 9kg
· The baby bouncer itself is lightweight and weighs 4kgs
· Children should never be left unattended in any baby bouncer

So we’ve got the basics covered. Need more information? Here’s the full lowdown on the LoBo2!

Complete Guide to the BabaBing! LoBo 2

Dual-Purpose Seat

With a quick flick of a switch, the BabaBing LoBo 2 transforms from a relaxing sleep solution to an exciting toy! By pressing the side buttons, the dual-purpose seat changes position to suit your baby’s needs.

The two-position back rest is great for youngsters who need a quick nap in their bouncer. Just lay baby into the comfy seat and gently rock your little one to sleep.

Then when it’s time for fun, move the seat so baby can sit up and enjoy playtime! The upright back rest position’s perfect for baby feeding too.

Smooth Motion

The BabaBing! LoBo 2 baby bouncer has a unique patented spring design, allowing the chair to create a smooth bouncing motion.

Babies can create their own springy movement by moving their arms and legs. There’s no need for extra vibrations (which some babies really don’t like).

Then, it’s over to mum. You can gently rock the chair with a tap of your foot to help baby doze off.

Secure 5-Point Harness

Baby safety is every parent’s priority and every BabaBing! bouncer recognises this. The LoBo 2 is no different.

With its exclusive 5-point harness designed by our expert Product Designers and Design Engineers, even the wriggliest of babies will stay secure. The harness straps are soft too, keeping baby safe and cosy.

Washable and Wipeable

The LoBo2 baby bouncer isn’t just great for babies – it’s created with mums in mind too.

All babies have their little accidents and they’re usually unavoidable! But you don’t need to throw away your baby bouncer if your youngster has a sudden nappy disaster. The LoBo2 is manufactured using wipeable and machine washable fabrics, giving mum peace of mind when baby enjoys some bouncy fun!


Comfort is really important if you want a successful bouncer – as in, one your baby actually likes! With its soft plush fabric, the BabaBing! LoBo2 is designed to keep your tiny tot cosy and comfy. The bouncer also features a padded headrest to keep your baby feeling snug and supported.

Removeable Toy Bar

Two funky friends join your little one with the LoBo2 baby bouncer! We’ve added our cutest little monsters to come and make mischief whenever your baby wants to play. This playful duo is exclusive to BabaBing! and can be found hanging out on a removeable toy bar. Baby can enjoy looking up at our mischievous monsters and reach out to touch their soft fabric.

If your baby’s not feeling up to playtime, just detach the bar and say goodbye to our furry friends. The toy bar’s easy and simple to remove, which is perfect when baby needs to wind down.

Neutral Style

While little ones won’t care what colour their baby bouncer is, mum probably will! Luckily, the BabaBing! LoBo2 has a contemporary and minimalist design. The bouncer comes in a stylish Grey Twill colour which will fit right in with a variety of home décor. It’s the perfect addition to any family home!

Priced below £50, the BabaBing! LoBo 2 is an affordable sleep and play solution for babies under six months. It’s one of the new-parent essentials you might find you can’t do without. But if you still haven’t decided, we’ve got a huge range of baby bouncers and rockers available to order. We’ll even give you 365 days to make up your mind!

Check out the full collection of trendy and practical baby gear from BabaBing!


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