Where Do Babies Sleep During the Day? - Advice for New Parents

  • by Richard Brigg

Where Do Babies Sleep During the Day? - Tips for New Parents (and Their Tiny Roommates) 😉


As a new parent, one of the most important decisions you'll make is finding the right place for your baby to sleep. While night-time sleeping arrangements may seem cut and dried (we all know it's safest for babies to sleep in their own cribs or bassinets!), figuring out where your newborn should nap during the day can be a bit more complicated.


Fortunately, there are plenty of options! In this article, we'll discuss some key considerations when selecting a place for your baby to sleep during the day, as well as offer tips and advice on how to make sure your little one is safe and comfortable throughout their naps.

The Crib: Your Baby's Daytime Fortress of Solitude 🏰

The crib, beloved for its nighttime reliability, also shines as a daytime napping spot. Yes, even during the day, the crib can be your baby's personal, peaceful sanctuary (read: a fortress of solitude) away from the hustle-bustle of the household. Nestled within the familiar confines of their crib, your baby can enjoy a restful nap, while you relish in the knowledge that they're in a safe, secure environment.


Remember, consistency is key! Having your baby nap in the same place they sleep at night can help establish routine and signal to your baby that it's time to snooze. Ensure the crib adheres to safety standards, is free from loose bedding and toys, and voila! You've got yourself a prime daytime nap spot for your little one.


Stay tuned! In the next section, we'll explore alternative napping spots for when a crib isn't an option.

The Carrycot: A Portable Snooze Pod for Your Little One 🧺

When the crib is out of the picture, a carrycot steps in to play. Carrycots are a fantastic portable sleeping solution for your tot. 

This lightweight, easily transportable option ensures your baby can nap in comfort, no matter where you are in the house or out and about. There's much to love about the flexibility of a carrycot - it's like a traveling mini-bedroom for your baby, providing a familiar and cozy environment for daytime naps. 

However, bear in mind that safety is paramount. Always ensure your carrycot is placed on a safe, stable surface. Keep a watchful eye while your baby is nestled in their little nest, ensuring they're not in a draft or in direct sunlight. 

Oh, and one more thing - don't be tempted to use the carry handle while your baby is inside! We call it a portable snooze pod, but that doesn't mean your little one should be on the move during nap time. We wouldn't want your roving cherub to experience any unexpected turbulence now, would we?

Moses Baskets: For Those Dreamy Daytime Dozes 🧺💤


Enter the Moses Basket - the perfect daytime sleeping solution for your tiny tot when a crib or carrycot isn't within reach. These quaint, lightweight sleepers are all the rage among new parents, and it's easy to see why! Renowned for their portability and convenience, Moses baskets are perfect for setting up a cozy napping nook in any room of your house.


Crafted with soft, comfortable linings, these little baskets make an idyllic sleepy haven for your little one during the day. But remember - as snug as a bug as they may be, it's critical never to lose sight of safety. Only place the basket on a flat, sturdy surface, away from pets or small children, and never carry your baby in the basket. Done right, Moses baskets offer a lovely and practical choice for daytime slumbers. So, here's to many a peaceful daydream in your baby's new, adorable nook!

Daytime Dreamland: Tips for Creating That Perfect Sleep Environment 🌞💤


Creating a daytime sleep environment can be quite the conundrum, but worry not - we've got you covered with some handy-dandy tips.


Consistency is Key: Try to establish a consistent daytime sleep routine for your bundle of joy. This can help program their internal body clock to expect naps at certain times. And yes, that means less crankiness and more snoozes! 🗝️😴

Lighting Matters: Contrary to popular belief, it's not necessary to have a pitch-black room for daytime naps. A dimmed, softly lit room can do the trick just fine! So, don't fear the daylight - just make sure it's not too harsh or glaring in your little one's snooze zone. 💡🌥️

Sound Sense: A bit of ambient noise can be beneficial. After all, we want our babies to learn to sleep through a bit of hustle and bustle, right? Consider a white noise machine or a gentle lullaby to drown out any sudden, jarring sounds.🎶🔊

Comfort Comes First: Make sure your baby's daytime sleep area is as comfy as possible. Soft bedding, a comfortable temperature, and a favorite cuddly toy can work wonders. Just remember - safety first. No loose blankets or pillows!🧸🛌

Remember, every baby is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. It's all about finding the daytime sleep groove that suits your little one best. Happy napping! 🎈💤

Catching Those Daytime Z's: How Often Will My Baby Sleep During the Day? 💤

Hang onto your nappy bags, parents, because the answer to "how often will my baby sleep during the day?" is a thrilling ride on the roller coaster of unpredictability. Newborns can sleep up to 16-18 hours a day, nodding off for 2-4 hours at a time. As your tiny snooze machine grows, the total nap time gradually decreases. By six months, daytime naps typically consolidate into 2-3 longer sessions. But remember, babies are like snowflakes - no two have the exact same sleep pattern. So keep that in mind, and enjoy the ride! 🎢💤

Roadtrip Snoozing: What If Baby Falls Asleep in the Car Seat? 🚗💤

Oh, the car seat nap, an unexpected oasis in a desert of sleep deprivation! When a journey coincides with nap time, and your little one nods off in the car seat, it can be a tempting solution. 🌴🍼


However, be cautious. Car seats are designed for safety during travel, not prolonged sleep. If your baby falls asleep in the car seat, it’s best to transfer them to a safe sleep surface as soon as possible. Extended periods in the car seat can lead to a risk of positional asphyxia - and we definitely don't want that! 😱


So, if your trip home is a snooze cruise, it's totally fine. But once you've docked at home port, migrate your little sea-farer from car seat to crib. And hey, if they wake up during the transfer, just think of it as an opportunity for some extra cuddles! 🥰👶🛏️

Bambino Siesta Spots: Other Places Babies Can Snooze During the Day 🏠


Ready to play some daytime lullaby bingo? Apart from the crib, there are other safe spaces your little dream catcher can catch some z's during the day 💤


First up is a bassinet, a compact and cozy space that's perfect for newborns. These little nests are portable and keep your baby within arm's reach, ideal for those frequent check-ins during your domestic tours. Just make sure the bassinet has a firm, flat mattress, and avoid adding any pillows or blankets that could pose a suffocation hazard. Safety first! 🛏️👶🚼


And then there's the play yard or pack 'n play. Equipped with a firm mattress and breathable mesh sides, these baby-friendly gladiatorial arenas double as a safe sleep spot. Plus, they're foldable and portable, which makes them a great choice for family outings or vacations. It's nap time, no matter where you are! 🧳🏞️💤

Remember, wherever your baby sleeps, the rules of safe sleep apply: always place them on their back, in a sleep area free of loose bedding, stuffed animals, or any other potential hazards. Happy napping, little adventurers! 🎒🌙💤

So, there you have it, folks! Whether your munchkin is catching forty winks in a crib, dozing in a bassinet, or enjoying a siesta in a play yard, the key is to ensure that their nap-time accommodations are safe and comfy. Remember, every baby is unique, so what works for one might not work for another. It's all about finding the Goldilocks zone for your little one's daytime slumbers. So, go forth, explore these options, and may the Sandman be ever in your favor! 💤🚼🛌️


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